14th May2014

‘BeeWi Bluetooth Controlled Mini Cooper S’ Review

by Phil Wheat


Coming from wireless accessory manufacturer BeeWi, this Bluetooth controlled Mini Cooper S (in 1:20 scale) can easily and quickly turn the kitchen, office or front room into a race track. Fully controlled by a free downloadable app on either a smartphone or tablet and featuring a super fast motor promising hours of high speed action behind the wheel without the need for a dongle – drivers can simply download the free BeeWi control pad app and pair with the car directly via Bluetooth to take it for a spin.

Boasting intuitive motion control using mobile orientation sensors, users can simply tilt and turn their smartphone or tablet to ensure the car is heading in the right direction. A touch-screen button interface is also available for those who prefer to place the control directly at their fingertips. With fully directional steering capability and a 15 meter range, users of the BeeWi Mini Cooper S can drive the vehicle in all directions ensuring no concrete is untouched.

Well that’s the official press release, but check out the video below to see what happens when we take the BeeWi Mini Cooper S for a test drive. Epic fail are not the word(s)…

The first in a range of Bluetooth enabled toys from BeeWi and available now from Argos and John Lewis for both iOS and Android platforms, the Mini Cooper S is priced at £49.99 and £39.99 respectively.


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