12th May2014

‘CSI: NY – Complete Season 9: The Final Season’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


They say that all good things must come to an end, when CSI: New York came to an end it may have been a good series, but felt somewhat like the lonely third sibling compared to Las Vegas and Miami.  This isn’t to say that CSI: NY was a bad show, but with the release of CSI: NY – Complete Season 9: The Final Season there was a feeling that it had run its course, though seeing it end was still a sad thing.

Season nine of CSI: NY begins looking at Mac’s recent brush with death and the effects that it has had on his life.  Leaving him with memory problems he has to deal with this disability while still having to run the crime lab the best he can.  With his love interest Christine (Megan Dodds) a huge support to him, her kidnapping also gives the chance for a new character from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to make an appearance in the form of D.B. Russell.

With the inclusion of episodes featuring Ted Danson I do think that there are highlights of what is a fairly laid back season.  There are some other highlights such as Unspoken, an episode where for the first half featured hardly any speech but for the most part there is a feel that things are winding down to the inevitable end of the series.  We know the characters, we care about them and we want to see the show conclude in a way that shows them in a good light and for the most part this is done well, especially when it comes to Adam (A.J. Buckley).

In season nine we get to see him have a love interest and also we are given a peek into his past and his family life, he is something of a comic character for most of the time so it’s nice to see Buckley get some more dramatic storylines to get his acting teeth into.  Of course he can’t leave all the comedy behind, which is shown in episodes such as the one where he believes he has found proof of alien life.  This inevitably ends in a way he doesn’t expect, but while it lasts it does show him at his best.

With CSI it’s fair to say that its strength is the fact that yes, we have the crime investigation but we are also given well written characters that we grow attached to, with some of them (like Adam) becoming more interesting because of their off-kilter ways.  Another example of this type of character is Sid (Robert Joy) who we normally see when it comes to cutting up the bodies for the autopsy scenes.  It’s nice to see that he gets his own episode as well where he decides to do something nice for the people of New York, and of course we get to see more of Robert Joy which is always good to see as he really is a good actor.

Whether you are a fan or not of the New York version of CSI, CSI: NY – Complete Season 9: The Final Season is worth watching even if it has a more laidback approach than the other series.  The final episode does make a push for added chaos, but for the most part it feels like more of a focus was put on the characters with a view of resolving their storylines in a nice way than going for a more extravagant end to the series.

CSI: NY – Complete Season 9: The Final Season is available on DVD now.

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