26th Apr2014

QDOS Q•BPOZ Bluetooth Speaker Review

by Phil Wheat

Light and compact the Q•BOPZ Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for both travel and home use, streaming music from any Bluetooth device and delivering impressive sound for up to seven hours. Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, the speaker is wrapped in a satin silicone skin, which is splash resistant and forms a unique suction cup base. This allows it to be easily stuck to any suitable surface such as a window, mirror or desk.

The speaker enables users to stream music from a Bluetooth enabled device including smertphones, tablets, laptops, etc. And despite its small footprint, the Q•BOPZ can deliver 3W of rich, clear sound, ideal for enhancing audio whether listening to music or watching movies.

Thankfully the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to seven hours of continuous playback; in addition, an integrated microphone (a feature, sadly, we didn’t test out in the video below) makes this ideal for taking hands-free calls in the car or in the office, pausing the music automatically when a call comes in and switching to hands-free talk mode – and you can simply stick it to the dashboard!

The Q•BOPZ Bluetooth Speaker can be purchased now from www.qdossound.com for £29.99.


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