23rd Apr2014

Nerd Buy: ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Zombie Stephen Figma

by Phil Wheat

Check out this awesome new upcoming Figma “action figure” from Max Factory of a zombiefied Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews from George Romero’s classic 70s flick Dawn of the Dead.

After a horrific gun fight with a group of Bikers, Stephen is too injured to fully escape the teeth of a few zombies. The figure depicts Flyboy in all his zombie glory. It includes thee different heads, one of which portrays the iconic “Machete Zombie” that was killed by Tom Savini’s biker character “Blades“. It will also include a blood splatter effect, a pistol, a machete and a figure stand.

Set for release in August at a cost of 4,800 Yen, there’s no news on a UK release – so expect to pay hefty import prices on this one…





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