18th Mar2014

Preview: Biowars #5

by Phil Wheat

Biowars is a free online digital comic book series featuring an exciting pair of intertwining storylines, from a small team that includes the writer of Wolverine and G.I. Joe as well as the artist behind Transformers.

While Alexander Hawking fights the sinister forces of the Combine in the outer world, the heroic BioWarriors of his immune system must defend his inner world against a deadly Combine-engineered pathogen. Biowars seeks to open the audience’s imagination to the wondrous alien world that lies within the human body and the strange threats it must face on a daily basis.

Issues 1-4 of Biowars are available now at Biowars.com. Check out some preview pages from the forthcoming fifth issue below – anyone else get a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors vibe?





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