12th Mar2014

‘Deadlings’ Review (iOS)

by Paul Metcalf


As a fan of the game Lemmings in its original form I remember the obsession of getting as many of the weird little creatures through the level as possible, though it was always fun to see how they could be killed.  The aim though was to make it through the levels by utilising the skills that the suicidal little fools possessed.  Now moving into the iPhone age we have Deadlings, a game featuring zombies that although in a more simplistic form are pretty much undead Lemmings.

Deadlings leads you into the game by helping you to understand just what your zombies can do.  Whether it be running, having the ability to stick to walls and a few other tricks each zombie can help you to make it through the levels you’ll find in the game.  The problem with these levels of course is they are designed to kill the moving corpses, but when you only have to have one survive it’s ok to waste a few.  When you run out there’ll be in-app purchases to top up your stores too but at least these aren’t mandatory to progress through the game.

The learning curve for Deadlings is actually set nicely for even the most casual player and the puzzle style is what makes the game interesting.  Working out which zombie you need to not only make a pathway to the exit, but also to collect as many brains as possible manages to keep your interest instead of making it just a normal platform style game.  This of course is where the comparison with Lemmings comes in, though where in that game you had to save as many of the little critters as possible, in Deadlings you only need to get one of the zombies through.  Just remember though it’s important to save as many of your zombies as you can for later use, you don’t want to go running out of them.

With a game like Deadlings one thing they need is a little character to attract players and catch their interest.  Using a 2D platformer style but with high quality cartoon graphics each of the zombies does have its own style, though you won’t really care about them.  As a Grim Reaper style character you also get a little story surrounding the levels to add a little (undead) flesh to the game.  This is a nice touch as often games like this that have no interest in a story for the game often don’t really keep players interested for long.

The aim with smart phone games is to provide something that you can pick up quickly and play in small chunks, if you want to play longer that’s your choice, but when you put a game on a smaller device used on the move then the ability to have a quick play should always be there.  Deadlings is a game that manages to do this, and actually keeps you managing to keep on coming back for more and in the end is what really matters.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek.com

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