11th Mar2014

Watch Now: ‘SHE’ Teaser Trailer

by Phil Wheat

Chelsey Burdon, the director of short film  “Sweet 6teen” (available in British horror anthology Shortcuts to Hell: Volume 1) teamed up with fellow horror enthusiast and film/music reviewer Mark Vessey, for a new Kickstarter-backed short film project, She, which stars Curse of Chucky‘s Fiona Dourif and tells the story of a young couple who have a loveless and dispassionate relationship; no communication, affection or indication of attachment.

Whatever spark they once had is now long gone. We build up to an anniversary dinner, when SHE poisons HE’s food with a substance that renders him physically paralysed. Finally regaining some sense of control, she carries out an act of violent revenge that will leave just as many scars on her as it does on him.

Having backed the project on Kickstarter I got a first glimpse of the trailer late last week (I, sadly, missed it’s Glasgow Frightfest debut) but now Burdon and Vessey have released the trailer to the public and so I can share the teaser trailer for what I believe will be a stunning short film… But then I might be a little biased. Judge for yourself:



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