11th Mar2014

‘Andrew W.K. – Party Safari’ docu debut announced

by Phil Wheat

Online music publication Hit The Floor Magazine & Dead Good Films Like Productions have teamed up to create a documentary film unlike anything you have probably seen before. In 2012 Hit The Floor Magazine set out to take party rock star, and all round nice guy, Andrew W.K. around Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, during his appearance at UK’s Hevy Festival, for a fun interview about the animals. What they thought would be an entertaining adventure turned into a dark and surreal journey of confusion, delving deep into inner depths of one of the world’s most mysterious rock stars.

Mashing the heads of wild hogs, gouging out the eyes of rhinos, snapping the necks of painted dogs and discussing the future of humanity, this is one trip to the zoo that they would not soon forget. With a controversial past, and ongoing rumors of him being a manufactured creation and possibly not even an actual living person, could this trip to the zoo be the last and most upsetting chapter in the Andrew W.K. mystery?

It’s time to see the negative side of the world’s most positive rock star! All footage in this documentary is un-acted & unscripted. This was never even meant to be a film!

Produced and directed by Chris Hines & Nik Box, Andrew W.K. – Party Safari is set to make its debut at the Movie Days Film Festival in Dortmund Germany on March 22nd. For more information on the film check out Hit The Floor Magazine, Dead Good Films Like or the Party Safari Official Facebook Page



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