22nd Feb2014

Tribeca Film Festival 2013: ‘Trust Me’ Review & Interview

by Catherina Gioino

The world premiere of Trust Me was shown at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, a film written and directed by Clark Gregg, who we all know and love from The Avengers movie and television show.

The ninety minute film follows the story of Howard Holloway (Gregg) as a failed child actor turned agent whose strong morals continue to make him unsuccessful in life, all until he meets teen actress Lydia (played by Saxon Sharbino), a fourteen year old talented actress whose alcoholic father is a major setback in her life. Howard promises himself that he won’t let the chance of a lifetime to represent Lydia slip away in this captivating black comedy about a generally ruthless business.

The film stars not only Gregg and Sharbino but also Amanda Peet, Felicity Huffman, Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Molly Shannon and Paul Sparks and was produced by Keith Kjarval, Aaron Gilbert, Mary Vernieu and many more.

The film plays with your emotions and is a definite must-see when it comes to outstanding and talented acting from all the actors, expecially Gregg and the young Sharbino. For all you Desperate Housewives fans, watch Felicity Huffman recount the ending of the series.

UPDATE: Watch Clark Gregg and his multi-talented wife Jennifer Grey tell us about working on the movie and being at Tribeca.

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