12th Feb2014

Forget ‘Flappy Bird’ with these games

by Guest

You might have missed the Flappy Bird rage, but fear not. Here are a selection of games you’ll want on your mobile for a rainy day. And unlike Flappy Bird, these aren’t going anywhere.


Badland is like Flappy Bird but with far better visuals and more interesting gameplay mechanics.  with beautiful visuals, fascinating creatures, realistic physics and a variety of gameplay mechanics – your character grows, shrinks, multiplies and so on.

Temple Run: This is not a new game at all but if you haven’t played it, you should because chances are pretty high that this will be the next mobile game to be turned into a movie. Considering the game has an Indiana Jones feel to it should be an indication of the success of the expected movie. This franchise is about to get huge and for now the game is still free, so make sure you cash in!

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star  – Keeping with the movie theme, check out this epic little game from Disney Mobile in partnership with LucasArts and Nimblebit. Live on the dark side and join Darth Vader in building an all-new Death Star. It’s a classic reinvented for the holidays and is bound to keep you busy.

In Thor: The Dark World you become the God of Thunder and must race to stop the Dark Elves from plunging the universe into darkness. It’s another movie spin-off game but if you enjoyed the storyline, you’ll be captivated with this one.

Three years old this month, Tiny Wings remains a personal favourite for a gaming break. Like Flappy Bird, it involves a feathered friend who has trouble flying, and who you control using just one finger. But unlike Flappy Bird, it’s good looking and challenging. And it’s still around…

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