26th Jan2014

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Preview

by Chris Cummings


Here we are at the first WWE PPV of 2014 and the official beginning on the frequently-mentioned “Road to WrestleMania”. The most famous and successful gimmick match in history, the Royal Rumble, rides again with 30 men fighting it out for the opportunity to become the number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania.

So far there have only been four matches announced for the main show, so I would imagine we will get one or two more matches on the night itself that have gone unadvertised.

The Matches

Royal Rumble Pre-show – WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws

Making their return to WWE television at the recent RAW Retro show earlier this month, the former D-Generation X members, The New Age Outlaws, get another shot at the tag team titles on the pre-show at the Rumble. The Outlaws recently turned heel on CM Punk so they go into this match as the bad guys against the brother tandem of Cody and Goldie. I imagine we will see Cody and Goldust split soon, perhaps for their much publicised match at WrestleMania, so it wouldn’t have surprised me to have seen the Outlaws pick up the win here and take the belts had the match been on the main show, but as seen as this is the pre-show, I can’t personally see the brothers-Rhodes losing their belts. For that reason I’m going with a retaining of the titles for The Brotherhood, possibly resulting in a rematch next month.

Who will win? I predict a win for The Brotherhood

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

The most popular superstar in the WWE today, Daniel Bryan, takes on Bray Wyatt at the PPV. Many people are upset that Bryan hasn’t been confirmed for the Rumble match itself, and some think he won’t even appear in it, which would be a shame indeed. This match should get a great reaction, as Bryan’s matches usually do, but Daniel Bryan deserves much better than this given his popularity and ability in the ring. I hope this is just his first appearance on the show and we see the former “American Dragon” go on to win the 30 man Royal Rumble match too.

Who will win? Daniel Bryan

The Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

The beast versus the giant, a match we’ve seen before back when Brock was a full timer in WWE, returns to our screens here. I’m not particularly interested in this feud and can’t see the match being very good, especially if it’s given too long. It might be a decent short fight but the only sensible outcome is to have Lesnar win powerfully here, going into the next couple of months. It’s important that Brock looks strong if fans are to take him as a threat to the WWE Title or The Streak in the coming months. Big Show has nothing to gain from a win here.

Who will win? Brock Lesnar

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

What can you say about this match? A match we have seen over the last decade on hundreds of occasions and continue to see today, time and time again. It isn’t interesting, it isn’t fresh and it doesn’t make me want to buy the PPV. Orton should go over here, and be the defending heel against Bryan at Mania, but will that happen? I doubt it, it makes too much sense. I could see both men picking up the win depending on the scenario you go with in your mind, but I’ll go with the one that makes the most sense.

Who will win? Randy Orton

The 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Okay, so this is why people get excited about this annual show, the big 30 man elimination rumble to determine who will face the champion in the main event of WrestleMania. This year, like last year, doesn’t feature too many advertised guys who could win the match, which is a shame and makes it less interesting to watch at the end of the day. CM Punk has been confirmed at the number one entry into the match and I would bet money that he will still be there in the final four at the end. Batista is the only other guy who has a chance of winning, some would say the biggest chance, and that is an underwhelming end here, in my view. I hope WWE surprise us and provide a winner who can take WWE forward, and not a winner that is back part-time for a quick run, like The Rock did last year. Still, I can see only one guy, as far as advertised entrants go, winning this match.

Who will win? Batista


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