20th Jan2014

Video Interview: Kenneth Branagh talks ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’

by Phil Wheat

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit sees a Russian oligarch about to set off a sophisticated but savage act of financial-based terrorism that could bring down the United States. Meanwhile, on Wall Street, covert CIA recruit Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) is about to get his very first field assignment – one that will instantly take him from an unheralded desk job to heading so deep into the shadows, he will no longer be sure who is a friend and who is a deadly enemy. The only thing of which he will be certain is that in this world where all motives are suspect, where secrets and lies abound, every perilous move he makes has world-altering stakes.

In this interview Nerdly film correspondent Hayley Donaghy talks to Kenneth Branagh (Viktor Cherevin/Director) on how the dual roles of director and cast member came about…


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