18th Jan2014

‘Grindhouse 11: Beach Babes 2’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Sarah Bellomo, Tina Hollimon, Stephanie Hudson, Rodrigo Botero, Stefan Galio, Kennneth Johnson, Guy Payne, Lenny Rose | Written by Mark Michelini | Directed by Ellen Cabot


Once again directed by David DeCoteau under his Ellen Cabot pseudonym, Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island is the second film from Charles Band’s Torchlight label which specialised in genre-tinged softcore porn comedies and picks up pretty much where the first film left off, with our heroines Xena, Luna, and Sola flying through space after leaving Malibu. However the trio are forced back to earth unexpectedly when Xena sneezes and crash lands them on a desert isle. After being threatened by dinosaurs and having a few close encounters with some primitive stud muffins, they tangle with the evil James T. Renford II, who plans to turn the island into a super-brothel featuring the three aliens as his unique selling point!

Before I go any further, I suggest you read my review of the first film, Beach Babes From Beyond, because most of what I say in that review also applies here as Beach Babes 2 is a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” – even though no one could ever suggest this franchise wasn’t broke to begin with.

It’s not even three minutes into Beach Babes 2 before we see our first topless girl and only seven before the films first long, drawn-out “late night satellite TV” simulated sex scene… and in between? Yet another of the trademark “Beach Babes” dancing scenes!And once again it’s rinse and repeat for the rest of the films running time – slight bit of story, sex scene, dance scene etc., etc., ad infinitum. However, as a plus, this time round we also get some old-school stop-motion animation, which I’m sure was pulled from previous Full Moon/Empire Pictures productions – but hey, at least it gives us more to look at than tits and dancing (which to be honest make up the rest of the films runtime).

Picture quality on this release is moderately better than 88 Films release of the original film – although it does look like Sarah Bellomo’s, aka porn star Roxanne Blaze, sex scenes have been cut back in from a lower-quality VHS master. Of course once again this is a full screen release like its predecessor. Bizarrely the menu screen offers the chance to watch Beach Babes 2 in both a “Rated Version” and “Unrated Version – yet given the nature of this film why would anyone want to watch a cut version? Still, it beats watching the longer sex scenes as separate cuts a la the Beach Babes From Beyond DVD release!

Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island is out now from 88 Films.

3 Responses to “‘Grindhouse 11: Beach Babes 2’ Review”

  • agent triple p

    The original UK and US DVDs had most of the sex scenes replaced with dancing scenes from earlier on in the film. Is this version uncensored? Does it include the notorious banana scene?

    • Phil Wheat

      I didn’t see any “banana scene” but there are a TON of sex scenes in the “uncensored” version on this disc – one every 10 minutes or so…

  • Ry Murphy

    The stop-motion footage is actually from Planet of the Dinosaurs.