17th Jan2014

Uproar Comics announce ‘Leap’ – new Irish sci-fi tale

by Phil Wheat


Derry based media studio Uproar Comics, the company behind the award winning Zombies Hi, are set to release a new sci-fi comic – Leap – on 31st January 2014. From the press release:

The idea for ‘Leap’ came from the love the creators have for Science Fiction. They wanted to create a story that they would love to read and so ‘Leap’ was born. Working with their strong, creative group of staff and the support of NI Screen, the comic started to take shape digitally as well as on paper. A new 3D Modelling innovation became the cornerstone of the entire project.

Using their interactive app, The DEC, Uproar is exploring the possibilities of using the latest technologies to create truly interactive comic books. Managing Director Kevin Logue is excited about ‘Leap’ and the future of the company:

‘Leap is a step forward for us in developing both new and exciting stories, but also in forming more modern production procedures that will ensure issues are released regularly. It’s going to develop the company as a fully fledged publisher, stepping away (but not too far) from our Zombie/Horror genre. We’re going digital, on all fronts! It will be different and primarily it’s going to be fun.’

Check out the trailer for Leap below and for more information about Uproar Comics (and to pre-order Leap), go to uproarcomics.co.uk


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