10th Jan2014

Iron Fist to get a new on-going series ‘Iron Fist: The Living Weapon’

by Phil Wheat

Marvel Entertainment is excited to announce an all-new on-going series, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, from writer and artist Kaare Andrews (Spider-Man: Reign, A+X), which sees Danny Rand once again channel the power of the ancient dragon, Shou-Lao, to become Iron Fist:

When the mystical city of K’un-Lun comes under siege, the prodigal son, Danny Rand must come home – in more ways than one. Is Iron Fist prepared for a threat that hearkens back to that horrible day when his father dropped to his death on a Himalayan mountaintop? Can anything prepare him for the truth that’s waiting for him in the rubble that was once the city of K’un-Lun – the place of Iron Fist’s birth?

As Kaare explains:

“I have two intentions with this project. The first is to tell a bare bones story that does not impede itself with the layers and layers of continuity that Iron Fist has become enriched with. The second, and more important, is to reach into the core of the character and re-explore who Danny Rand is. Reinvention through core exploration.”

In the character’s early history, starting with his first appearance in 1974, Danny was on a path for revenge as he hunted down the man who murdered his father, and Andrews promises to return to how it all began, “The defining aspect of Danny Rand is the loss of a father and a quest for honor and vengeance. Yet, these are themes that haven’t been explored again since his origin story back in the 70s. We need to bring Danny back to this state of blind rage and self-destruction. Remember – this is a man who traded immortality for vengeance. And the consequences of that are what I’m most interested in.”





Iron Fist: The Living Weapon hits comic shops and bookstores this April.


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