27th Nov2013

‘Roy Chubby Brown’s Who Ate All the Pies? Live’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


Comedy is about humour, but you’d never guess that sometimes.  Very often especially on the internet you’ll see people who seem to decide what is funny and they decide who should have retired by now.  They tend to proclaim this to people who are like minded then enjoy the feeling that people agree with them.  I’m sure you can see the problem here, if you concentrate on what a small circle of people consider to be popular or funny then chances are you are not looking at what YOU yourself find amusing.  This is why when it comes to Roy Chubby Brown’s Who Ate All the Pies? Live I’m sure that many would tut at just the thought of people liking his humour.

With stand-up comedy more often than not the comedian is creating a character that they can use to create their comedy, some may say they are not but they don’t walk around the streets in stand-up mode do they?  The character of Roy Chubby Brown is created to offend, and this he does well.  I’ll admit that I laughed at many of the jokes on this DVD release and some of the jokes I felt uncomfortable with and wanted him to move on.  There is sexism in the jokes, some light racism and others that will offend and whether it’s right or wrong for them to be used in a comic act is up for debate, and that would be a debate on “What is PC?” and what we want to see in comedy.  Do we want our comedy censored? If as a society we do I tend to think that Chubby Brown would be one of the casualties of the farce when the censors decide what is funny.

I guess this comes down to the politically correct thing really and what audience would go to a Chubby Brown show.  Are they all racist women hating thugs who would rather beat you up than give you the time of day? If you answer yes to that then really you need to re-think your prejudices.  Chubby Brown’s act does work on the lowest common denominator and is like a parody of a UKIP party political broadcast at times, but this is his act, to try and shock and be that guy that people don’t like.  When he walks on the stage his fans yell “you fat b*stard” at him and have done this for years, he expects from the audience the same level of vitriol that he throws at them.  At the end of the DVD he even appears to emphasise the fact that really he’s not what he portrays on the stage, it’s all about comedy.

The fact is Roy Chubby Brown has his fans, whether some parts of society like it or not.  We can’t all like the same things and comedy is an area of entertainment that can be very divisive at times.  Chubby Brown is foul mouthed and his jokes can be very insulting at times and are very hit and miss, sometimes though they can actually be very funny so you have to take the good with the bad.  The fact is, we all know by now the type of humour you’ll get in Roy Chubby Brown’s Who Ate All the Pies? Live So if you don’t like it? Don’t buy it, but for his Chubby Brown’s fans this year’s DVD is exactly what you are looking for and for any new fans who want to give his humour a try? Prepare to be shocked, but you just might like it.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek.com

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