14th Nov2013

‘The Walking Dead 4×05: Internment’ Review [Spoiler Free]

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Chandler Riggs, David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun | Written by Channing Powell | Directed by David Boyd


The following review will contain some spoilers from last week’s episode.

So, last week was one of those episodes that was focused on choices, a concept that has followed this series since it first began. Choices, hard ones especially, have been the spinal column of “The Walking Dead” from the get-go, and this season there are many choices that each character has to make, and they certainly aren’t always easy ones. Last week we saw Rick make the choice to leave Carol while out on a gathering mission, banishing her from the prison for taking the lives of two sick co-inhabitants. It was one of those decisions that is bound to have an effect on different members of the group as they learn of what Rick has done.

That was the main thing from the previous episode, as Daryl and his group are out on medical supply assignment for the sick back at the prison. We left the previous week with Rick driving away from Carol, leaving her with supplies as he drove back to the grounds of the prison.

This week, much like last week, is very much about choices. It’s a dark episode too, and one that deals with loss and death in a much more personal way than we’ve seen so far this season. Rick and Carl attempt to keep the walkers at bay as they push against the surrounding fence of the prison. Hershel makes rounds in the secluded cell block as he attempts to help those ailing in health, including Glenn whose condition is worsening. Maggie is struggling with not being able to see or assist Glenn or her father.

This is a strong story episode, handling the storyline of the virus that has taken lives of some and left many with deteriorating wellbeing. I, personally, am enjoying the interactions and seclusion of this season, it gives a real murky and oppressive feel to the show, making the viewer almost wish that they could catch a break of fresh air themselves.

The closing minutes are strong, and like this show does, it opens more and more questions and leaves us hungry for the next instalment.

Season Four has been much stronger than the third season so far, and has allowed new dynamics between characters to unfold, and I for one am excited to see where the show takes us in its remaining episodes.

Until next week.


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