30th Oct2013

‘WWE RAW’ Results & Review (28.10.13)

by Chris Cummings


We’re 24 hours removed from WWE Hell in a Cell 2013. Welcome to this week’s write-up of WWE Raw.

The show begins with a video package showing Daniel Bryan being kicked in the mouth by Shawn Michaels and losing to Randy Orton, who became the new WWE Champion.

John Cena is welcomed back as the NEW World Champion, and the fans, as they have for ten years now, are very mixed. A lot of boos from the adults in the audience, but the kids are having fun seeing the pink-shirt wearing hero back on television. I wish I could echo their cheers, but sadly I am not too happy about Cena’s return. I will say though, it does add some “oomph” to the World Title, being around Cena’s shoulder. The announcers put Cena over like their lived depend on it. Cena takes the microphone and proclaims that he’s back. Most fans are booing, Cena laughs at the reaction. Oh, how times don’t change. Cena thanks JBL for being sceptical about his return because it motivated him. Cena then does the whole “champ is here” thing, which he did ten years ago, and I swear this promo is very close to being identical to most other Cena-return promos. Cena announces that he will be wrestling on the European tour. We hear a fairly loud “you suck” chant, and Cena smiles again. He talks about Randy Orton being the new WWE Champion. He says that Del Rio “tried his best” and have him a “hell of a match”.

Just as Cena is leaving the ring, Damien Sandow’s music hits and the Money in the Bank briefcase holder makes his way to the ring. Sandow says “the uncrowned champ is here” and says that Cena isn’t fooling him. Cena doesn’t sell Sandow’s promo at all, which shows how little Cena cares about Sandow’s career. Sandow hits Cena with the case and attacks Cena’s elbow with it. Sandow shouts “rise above this” and throws Cena into the barricade. Nice. The fans seem to be cheering Sandow more than Cena, which is bound to happen. Sandow hits Cena’s arm with a steel chair and cashes in the contract for the title shot. The match is made official and suddenly Cena is okay and doesn’t seem to be selling his arm much. Sandow gets the upper hand for a while, throwing Cena into the ring posts and attempting a few pins. Sandow looks like a star tonight. Cena hits a sloppy big boot on Sandow followed by the non-PG named “five-knuckle shuffle” which is countered by Sandow into a neck breaker for a near-fall. Sandow continues to focus on Cena’s arm as the announcers talk about how tough Cena is. Cena hits an AA out of nowhere but Sandow rolls out of the ring. Cena pulls Sandow back in the ring, making some attempt to sell his arm, which is good to see, but won’t last. Sandow hits a double-arm neck breaker for another near-fall, the fans pop when Sandow hits these moves. Sandow locks in the full nelson but Cena reverses it into a slam for a near-fall. Sandow locks in the crippler crossface, which looks excellent, but Cena doesn’t quit. Sandow hits his finisher but only gets a two-count out of it. Cena then hits the AA again, out of the blue, for the victory. Sandow cashed in the briefcase and lost. It’s a real shame, and could have been a big deal for Sandow. I hope Sandow gets another chance soon, he sure deserves one. Sandow pulled Cena to his best match in a long time here, better, in this writers’ view, than the Punk-Cena match a few months ago on RAW. Cena wins. The fans are indifferent about the result. JBL actually says “John Cena is Superman”. Come on.

The Shield cut a promo about how tonight is important for them. Ambrose says he will be defending his US Title against Big E Langston tonight. Rollins talks about how The Shield will “get back to basics” tonight.

We return from a break and Big E Langston is making his way to the ring for his US Title match against the defending champion, Dean Ambrose. This is a rematch from last night. The match doesn’t last long before The Shield all get in the ring and attack Langston, causing a disqualification. The Uso’s make their way out for the save, and Big E and The Uso’s clear the ring. Suddenly, as expected, Brad Maddox announces that the match is now a six man tag match.

The Uso’s and Big E against The Shield is underway when we come back from commercials. I have been enjoying the semi-push that The Uso’s have been getting, they are such a well rounded team and their skills in the ring are as good as any other tag team in WWE today. The match is enjoyable, with hot tags and great spots with each man getting a chance to show their worth. Reigns hits a great double-spear on The Uso’s and pins one of the brother’s for the pin-fall victory. The Shield win a good six man tag match.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring, his music playing, and fans giving the legend a mixed reaction based on his involvement in the closing moments of the Hell in a Cell match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, where Shawn kicked Bryan, leading to Orton getting the win. Shawn talks about owing Daniel Bryan an explanation for last night, and invites Bryan to the ring, so he can explain himself to his former student. Bryan comes out in his wrestling gear and looks angry, he doesn’t do the “yes” chants, which is good. I think he needs to stop doing them quite as much now. The fans chant loud for Bryan. Shawn says that he didn’t intend to do what he did the night before. The fans chant “you sold out”. Shawn says he called the match down the middle but once Bryan kicked Triple H, Shawn reacted in defence of his best friend. Shawn says that Triple H is his best friend and that he has always been there for him, so he is always there for Triple H. Shawn asks for Bryan to forgive him and shake his hand. Bryan shakes his head, and the fans chant “no”. Shawn says that in the WWE, you don’t trust anyone, not him, not even his future wife. Bryan looks angry. Shawn demands that Bryan show him respect and shake his hand. Daniel refuses again, and now HBK is getting frustrated. Shawn gets angry and calls Bryan a “self-righteous little puke” and says he doesn’t know if Bryan is a B+ player or not, but that he is Shawn Michaels, and he is an A+ player, so Bryan should shake his hand. Bryan takes Shawn down and clutches the “yes lock” in on HBK. The fans cheer and referees jump in the ring and break up the two men. The fans chant “you tapped out” at a fallen “Heartbreak Kid”. Bryan walks away, still looking angry. Good stuff.

Daniel Bryan is talking with Renee Young backstage when all of a sudden The Wyatt Family attack Bryan, throwing against walls and punching and kicking him. They throw Daniel into a ladder, and then Bray says “the devil made me do it” and takes Bryan down again, before smashing a trolley into Bryan’s head. Bryan convulses on the floor and we head back to the ring.

The announcers talk about the violent attack that Bryan has just suffered at the hands of The Wyatt Family.

Los Matadores are out next, with their bull-mascot, El Torito, in tow. The opponents, yet again, are 3MB. This feels like the hundredth time we’ve seen this match, and it’s getting ridiculous. They need some more teams on the main roster who can job without losing momentum. The match is the same as every other match these teams have had so far. It features big spots from the bull fighters and 3MB being humiliated in various ways. Los Matadores pick up another win here after hitting their double-team finishing move. After the bell, Los Matadores catch Heath Slater in a net and El Torito hits him with a springboard heel kick. Oh dear.

AJ Lee and Tamina make their way to the ring for Divas tag team action, against Brie and Nikki Bella. Tamina and AJ keep Brie in the ring for a while and keep her isolated with chin locks and mat holds. Brie fights back with a heel kick and tags Nikki. Nikki hits some offence but Tamina hits a Samoan drop on her before tagging AJ in, who wins quickly with the Black Widow. During the match Nikki inadvertently hits Brie with her legs, making it the second night in a row that The Bella’s have inadvertently hit each other. Something tells me a Bella-split is coming soon. AJ and Tamina win.

We return from break and Kane is making his RAW return. Kane has been gone since his match with Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam (to allow Glen Jacobs to film See No Evil 2, of course) and he returned last night, attacking The Wyatt’s and The Miz. The Miz, looking grumpy but not intimidating, comes out as Kane’s opponent. The Miz sells the effects of the recent Wyatt/Kane attacks. Kane beats Miz up for most of the match, Kane catches The Miz when he comes of the top rope and nails him with a choke-slam, making the match a short one, and winning easily. Kane wins, welcome back, BRM. Kane takes the microphone and demands that Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring immediately because he has something to say to her. Stephanie comes out, but stands on the stage. Stephanie says “I think this is close enough”. Kane says that she has been on a power trip, and she has ruined lives. He then says that in “this day and age” it’s what is best for business. He then says that “the monster is” Stephanie’s “to unleash”. Kane then approaches Stephanie, who looks confused, and removes his mask, handing it to her. Stephanie holds the mash in the air and smiles. A weird moment, but very intriguing.

David Otunga is shown reading the details of Paul “Big Show” Wight’s “lawsuit” against WWE.

CM Punk comes out to a big pop next and proclaims that “it’s clobberin’ time”. CM Punk talks about how he “slept like a baby” last night. He says he put Paul Heyman “to sleep” last night after beating him up on top of the Hell in a Cell cage. Punk says that Paul Heyman is “history”. The fans chant “CM Punk”. Punk says he can now focus on Ryback, who, without Heyman, is a “knuckle-dragging Neanderthal”. Punk says he will “beat” Ryback tonight, he “promises”.

We return from break and learn that the WWE fans have chosen that the Punk and Ryback match will be a street fight. Punk is waiting in the ring, and Ryback makes his way down the aisle, looking as juiced as ever. As always, the match opens with loud “Goldberg” chants, aimed at Ryback. Punk takes the upper hand to begin, nailing Ryback with a cross-body and a slingshot over the top. Ryback catches Punk and throws him into the ring-post. The former-Skip Sheffield brawls with Punk around the ring, throwing him into things. Ryback sets a wooden table up in the ring but Punk comes out of nowhere with a kendo stick, and nails Ryback with it. The two fight, exchanging moves and holds. Punk sets the table up in the centre of the ring and the two tease going through it a few times. Eventually Punk lays Ryback on the table and puts him through it with the Randy Savage inspired elbow drop. Punk then locks in the anaconda vice on Ryback for the tap-out and the fairly easy victory. Ryback is surely not going to be pushed further after this, he has fully been defeated by Punk. Suddenly, The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring and Rowan and Harper attack Punk in the ring as Bray watched from his rocking chair. This is now very exciting, because I can see this leading to a Wyatt’s versus Punk and Bryan feud, and anything with Punk and Bryan together is golden. Punk is bleeding and selling the beating well. Bray gets in the ring and hits the “Sister Abigail” on Punk. New storylines are being set up tonight and I like it.

The Real Americans, along with their manager Zeb Coulter, come down the aisle with their flags and pink shirts. Their opponents are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Goldust. The champions get a big pop. Their mash-up theme music is weird though. There’s a big “Goldust” chant when the match begins, proof that these well-known performers still have a major place on WWE programming. Goldie and Cesaro wrestle for a while as fans chant “you still go it” at Dustin. Cody tags in and has a good back and forth with Antonio, who, as I’ve said before, should be much higher on the card, the guy is fantastic. A lot of tag-team psychology is used here, which is nice. Reminds me of the days of heel versus face team feuds with guys like The Hart Foundation, The Rougeau Brothers and The British Bulldogs. Cody makes a hot tag to his brother and the fans pop for Goldust, who hits his signature spots on Jack Swagger. The match ends when Jack Swagger’s ankle lock causes Goldust to tap out. A big win for Cesaro and Swagger here, and one I didn’t expect at all. Should be a fun feud to follow if it’s given time.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way onto the stage area, microphone in hand, and talks about how Cena “stole” his World Title at Hell in a Cell. Del Rio says he is due a rematch, and when he does, he is going to “hurt” Cena “bad”. Del   Rio claims that the World Title is his. He then leaves. Fair enough.

Fandango, along with his dance partner, Summer Rae, is out next for a women’s match. Summer Rae’s opponent makes her way to the ring, Natalya, who has The Great Khali and Hornswoggle with her. This is Summer Rae’s RAW singles debut, but those of us that have watched NXT this year will have seen Summer wrestle the likes of Paige and Emma on numerous occasions. Summer is still inexperienced but is learning quickly and has a great heel charisma. There’s a nice pinfall spot with the two fighting over backslides. Summer looks good, and Nattie sells for her and makes her look even better. Natalya is reliable and a great worker who should be treated better by WWE in my view. This is much better than the Divas tag match earlier in the night. Nattie clamps in the sharpshooter on Summer for the victory. Not bad.

The WWE roster is standing on the stage, the red carpet is laid down in the ring, and The Shield are stood beside the ring for the final segment of RAW tonight. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring with self-satisfied looks on their faces. The Shield gets into the ring with the power couple, and Triple H talks about Randy Orton, and how he mentored him through the years. Triple H calls Orton an “A+ player” and “the face of WWE”. He then insults Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton then makes his way to the ring, the WWE Championship draped over his shoulder, and a smile on his face. The fans boo. Hunter and Stephanie applaud the new champion. Randy embraces with Triple and Steph, and Stephanie then takes the microphone and tells the locker room that Randy is their champion too. She says that the roster should aspire to be like Randy, and show him respect. The fans chant “no”. Orton says that he better than everyone else. While Randy is speaking, The Big Show’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. The Shield try to stop him but The Uso’s and Cody-dust get involved and soon the entire roster get involved. Big Show is now free to get in the ring, and he does, but Orton and Triple H run away from the giant. Big Show takes the microphone and says he doesn’t care about the “restraining order” that Triple H filed against him. Big Show says he will bankrupt WWE with his “lawsuit”. Orton gets in the ring and hits Big Show with the title belt while Stephanie and Hunter scream for Orton to finish him off. Big Show knocks Orton out, and Triple H looks shocked. The fans chant “yes” for the Big Show, who appears to be in the place that Bryan was in a month ago, now. Triple H and Stephanie back away from Big Show. WWE RAW goes off the air with The Authority looking upset in the ring, and Big Show walking away, looking pleased.

RAW was good tonight. It had some interesting new storylines being launched, some feuds coming to an end, and many matches being set up for the upcoming Survivor Series event in November. Roll on, next week.

RAW: Best of the Night (In-ring): Sandow.

RAW: Best of the Night (On-mic): Shawn Michaels.

RAW: Dud of the Night: Nikki Bella.

RAW: Weirdest Moment: Kane removes his mask and aligns himself with Stephanie.

RAW: Honourable Mentions: Cesaro, Swagger, Goldust, Cody, and Punk.


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