28th Oct2013

Lady Deathstrike returns in X-Men #7

by Phil Wheat

This November, the six-part Muertas arc kicks off in X-Men #7,  from the creative team of Brian Wood and Terry Dodson, with the return of one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes – Lady Deathstrike.

As the X-Men regroup following the catastrophic events of Battle of the Atom, a new threat closes in from the shadows and a new member joins the X-Men! Lady Deathstrike is back, and she’s assembling an all-new Sisterhood of Mutants to take them down! It’s going to take everything they’ve got to stop them – including new arrival and  fan-favorite X-Factor alum Monet! Can these bruised and broken mutants pull it together long enough to repel this new threat? Find out as Muertas kicks off in X-Men #7! This is one X-Fans won’t want to miss!




X-MEN #7 (SEP130747)
Written by BRIAN WOOD
Art & Cover by TERRY DODSON
FOC – 10/28/2013, On-Sale – 11/20/2013


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