14th Oct2013

‘KitSound MYFM’ Review (iPhone)

by Phil Wheat


The KitSound MYFM is an FM radio transmitter that easily connects to any car radio, supplying quality sound and allowing you to tap into the thousands of tracks you have on your iPod or iPhone.

The device is easy to use, just connect it into your iPod/iPhone charge socket and with one push of the auto scan button it will tell you the best frequency to tune your radio into – without any interference from local and national radio stations. Then when you hit play, your tunes will come blasting out of your car speakers and unlike some other FM transmitters on the market this one actually transmits in stereo! Best of all, the KitSound MYFM comes complete with a mini USB car charger which connects to your cigarette lighter in the car and charges both the MYFM and your iPod or iPhone at the same time.

For those folks, like me, that can’t afford (or don’t want to buy) and expensive sat-nav, you can quickly and easily turn you iPhone into a sat-nav via Google Maps and the KitSound MYFM. Just connect the MYFM to your iPhone and your car stereo and the voice guidance built into Google Maps will blast out of you cars speakers; and you can still play your music at the same time – Google Maps will mute the music when the voice guidance kicks in.

If there’s any issue with this set-up is that the MYFM will, if you’re not constantly transmitting audio through it, switch off automatically. Now I know this is a great feature if you don’t have the device connected to a power source – it saves battery life – but I wish the device would stay constantly switched on if it’s connected to the in car power supply. There were times in my testing when the MYFM cut out just as Google Maps was about to tell me the next direction! Of course it automatically switched back on when the voice guidance started but by then some, or all, of the vital information was cut off.

Of course the KitSound MYFM is not just for use in the car. Got an Apple-compatible stereo but your mate hasn’t? Want to play your tunes round his house? No problem. You can easily connect your iPhone or iPod to ANY stereo –  anytime, anywhere.

I had my reservations when trying out the KitSound MYFM for the first time, but it’s now an essential piece of kit for my car – and it should be for yours too.

Review unit supplied by Phones4U.


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