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‘WWE RAW’ Results and Review (23.09.13)

by Chris Cummings


RAW opens with Mr and Mrs Triple H making their way to the ring as the locker room members who helped Daniel Bryan on last week’s closing moments of RAW are standing on the stage. The Shield are standing beside the ring. Triple H talks about how he is proud of the superstars for stepping up and that they should be upset that Bryan is getting (another) WWE Championship match at Battleground. Triple H and Stephanie then make a big elimination 11 on 3 tag match for later on the show as The Shield take on RVD, Bryan, The Uso’s, Prime Time Players, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder and Kofi Kingston. The announcers and wrestlers look confused as to why Triple H and Stephanie have put The Shield in a difficult position. Something fishy is going on methinks.

Kofi Kingston is in the ring as we return from commercials, and his opponent tonight is the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. Decent back and forth contest with Kofi hitting some nice offence including a wonderful dive over the top rope and a head scissor take down in the ring. There’s a bizarre and obvious no-sell from Del Rio at one point and it is striking how little some guys sell during matches nowadays. Del Rio is frustrating to watch and seems to be taking liberties with opponents sometimes which is ridiculous. Del Rio beats on Kofi, who does sell for the World Champion, and Del Rio calls moves openly. I could see Del Rio actually telling Kofi which moves to go to next during the match. Something seems very off about the match, and Del Rio in general. It makes for a frustrating contest because of the World Champions refusal to sell for Kofi and his revealing moments of calling spots. Del   Rio wins the match via submission with his cross arm breaker finisher. Strange match.

The Miz is backstage being interviewed by Renee Young about the attack he suffered in front of his parents last week on RAW. They show a replay of the terrible segment. The Miz is interrupted by Triple H who says he cannot let The Miz anywhere near Orton tonight. Triple H then books a Miz TV segment for later on in the show, with his guest being The Big Show. The Miz doesn’t look impressed.

We see replays from the past three weeks of the Rhodes Family issues, with Cody being fired, Goldust fighting Orton and Big Show knocking out Dusty last week. I really like this angle and am very interested in where it goes and more importantly, where it takes the young Cody when it’s done. This has potential to elevate Cody into the main event.

The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring next, their fabulously dark entrance theme is now being clapped along to by the fans. Excellent. I do hate that Cole, JBL and Lawler insist on yapping during the entrance though, it would be much more mysterious and weird if it were allowed total silence. The Prime Time Players are in the ring when we return from break, and the match between PTP and Harper and Rowan is on. Unorthodox offence from Rowan and Harper, a thing that truly works for their gimmick. Rowan wrestles in the goat mask for a while, slamming Young and beating him down. Young is being isolated by Harper and Rowan who continue to beat on Young with punches, kicks and power moves. Titus eventually gets the tag to a vague pop from the Chicago fans. Harper nails Titus with a giant lariat for the win as Bray Wyatt laughs in his rocking chair. Bray Wyatt then storms the ring, attacks PTP and nails Young with the Sister Abigail’s Kiss finishing move.

The Miz comes to the ring and talks about how he will get payback on Orton for the attack he suffered at the hands of “The Viper” last week. He then goes on to talk about Big Show knocking out WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes last week. Big Show comes out for the Miz TV segment. The Miz puts Dusty over and asks Show how he could knock him out last week. Big Show looks angry and doesn’t answer. The Miz tells Show that he is being broken down by Triple H and Stephanie. Big Show ignores The Miz further. Miz tells Big Show to step up like the other WWE Superstars and calls Stephanie a “witch”. Big Show shakes his head. Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring next, a smile on her face. Stephanie calls The Miz “disrespectful” and “slanderous”. The Miz tells Stephanie to take her threats and “shove them” up her “ass”. Stephanie says The Miz is a “disappointment” and “inadequate”. She says that Miz is a “utility player” the one they call when there’s a local supermarket that needs someone to open it. Great stuff from Stephanie here. Stephanie calls Miz a “failure” and tells Big Show to knock Miz out. Big Show complies very quickly before leaving the ring to boos. Stephanie smiles and looks down on an unconscious Miz. Great heel work from the “Billon Dollar Princess” here.

Randy Orton is out next for his match against whomever the WWE fans voted his opponent from the list of R Truth, RVD or Ziggler. The chosen opponent is RVD, who makes his way to the ring to a solid reaction from the Chicago fans. We’ve seen this match on a number of occasions since Rob returned to the promotion a couple of months ago. They have good chemistry but I think WWE need to resist the temptation to put them in any further matches for a while now. The match is a lot like the other’s that these two top notch performers have had in recent weeks. Van Dam hits his signature spots, with heel kicks, monkey flips, splashes and the “rolling thunder”. Orton retaliates with his spots, the stalling DDT, clotheslines and a big boot to RVD’s face. Orton exposes the steel from the ringside barrier and drops RVD onto it before tossing him into the steel ring steps. The referee throws the match out as Orton continues to attack Rob Vam Dam on the outside of the ring. The attack is a powerful one and makes Orton look vicious, which is the point. RVD sells brilliantly for the WWE Champion. Orton ends the attack by nailing Rob with a DDT from the top rope.

The Bellas are backstage and Randy Orton approaches them and says that what he did to RVD is only a fraction of what he will do to Brie’s boyfriend, Daniel Bryan, and says that if she ever wants a real man then come to him. Brie looks disgusted at Orton.

AJ Lee is talking to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie gives AJ a copy of the new Triple H DVD that they’re promoting right now. AJ calls “Total Divas” stupid and says she is being mistreated as Divas Champion. Stephanie orders AJ to compete otherwise she wont be Champion for long. AJ walks away.

Fandango’s music hits and the fans cheer and do the Fandango dance. Santino comes out as Fandango’s opponent. Santino gets cheered and mocks Fandango with a dance of his own in the ring before being floored by the “ballroom bad-ass”. Ok, I made that up, and it sucks. Apologies. The match is part comedy, part typical mid-card filler. Fandango hits the leg drop from the top rope for the pin. Surprised to see Santino lose, but am happy that he did.

CM Punk comes out, the hometown boy, to a tremendous reaction from the Chi-town throng. Punk, I must say, looks like he hasn’t slept lately, but he looks happy to be in his home city. Punk tells the fans that they ruined his bad mood. He says he can’t help but smile when he’s at home. He talks about letting the fans down at Night of Champions and apologises. The fans chant “CM Punk”. He talks about losing to Paul Heyman and how that bums him out more than any other loss he’s suffered. He talks about local sports teams and compares them to himself. This all gets a great reaction. Paul Heyman interrupts Punk, singing Sinatra, New   York Style. Heyman gets a lot of heat. Heyman calls Punk the “second best in the World”. They show images of Ryback beating up Punk at Night of Champions as fans chant “Goldberg”. Punk says that he is going to “rip” Paul Heyman’s face off. Heyman tells Punk that he can beat Punk with both hands tied behind his back. Heyman says goodbye but his wheelchair won’t move, and he panics. Punk drops his microphone and approaches Heyman but is interrupted by Axel and Ryberg, who attack Punk. Punk fights back, throwing Axel into the RAW sign and diving off the stage onto Ryback. It’s a really fun brawl that comes to an end after Goldback press slams CM Punk through a table. That looked really painful. Heyman stands and he and Ryback gloat over a fallen Punk as we go to a commercial break.

Now, a Divas tag match, as AJ, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Tamina and Layla take on the Total Diva members of Natalya, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi and Cameron. Fox and Nattie start the match and are both good, solid workers who could have a fun singles match given the opportunity. Brie shows some skills and improvement with some dropkicks and clotheslines. AJ tags in but eats a facebuster from Brie, who pins AJ for a quick victory. The Bella team win. AJ looks upset.

The Shield are backstage and talk about being thrown to the wolves tonight, but as the hounds, they will eat the wolves alive. They talk about revolutionising the industry. Ambrose stands out as the strongest on the stick.

Daniel Bryan is out next to the biggest reaction of the night, even bigger than hometown boy CM Punk’s giant pop. Bryan and the fans do the “yes” spot in the ring, which still looks and sounds awesome. Massive “Daniel Bryan” chants. Bryan talks about being stripped of the WWE Championship because of a bogus “conspiracy theory”. He talks about knocking Orton out at Night of Champions and how Triple H gave Scott Armstrong a lot of money after he fired him last week. Bryan then says he will take back the WWE Championship at the next PPV, Battleground. The Shield make their way to the ring after Bryan has finished talking. Suddenly, as The Shield near the ring, Cody Rhodes and Goldust jump the railing and attack Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Security restrains the Rhodes boys as the fans loudly cheer them. Big “Cody” chants. We return from break and all the members of the match are in the ring. 11 versus 3. The fans are big into the match, which begins with a nice exchange between Ziggler and Rollins. An injured Van Dam is eliminated early, followed by a strapped-up Kofi Kingston. It’s weird to see the heel team portrayed as the underdogs who are being put in a hard position, but it is a fun match. Titus is pinned by Reigns, followed quickly by Justin Gabriel after a Reigns spear. Zack Ryder is pinned following another spear from Reigns. Bryan then jumps in and hits a bunch of kicks and a flying clothesline on Roman, The Uso’s then tag in, hit a splash and pin Reigns. Great couple of minutes of action there. Six versus two now. Young hits a nice Northern Lights suplex for a near fall, but is soon pinned by Seth Rollins. Ziggler jumps in and nails Rollins with a dropkick and a neckbreaker. Rollins makes a tag to Ambrose who eats a Zig-Zag and gets pinned. Now, Rollins is alone, against five men. R Truth gets pinned by Rollins after the curb-stomp. The Uso’s, Bryan and Ziggler remain, against Seth Rollins, who looks worried. The babyfaces attack Rollins and the match becomes a brawl with the other Shield members interfering. The Uso’s hit a great dive sequence on Ambrose and Reigns. Rollins and Bryan remain in the ring. Bryan nails Rollins with the flying knee, pinning Rollins for the victory. Bryan wins (oh, and his team, but the ring announcer doesn’t care about that). Great, fun match. Nice way to end RAW too, with Bryan and the Chicago fans chanting “yes, yes, yes”.

A fun RAW once again with a couple of top notch matches and storyline developments.

RAW: Best Match: Main Event 11 on 3 Match

RAW: Biggest Pop: Daniel Bryan

RAW: Best on Microphone: Stephanie McMahon/CM Punk (tie)

RAW: Dud of the Night: Alberto Del Rio

RAW: Worst Match: Prime Time Players vs. The Wyatt Family

RAW: Best Spot: Ryback’s press slam through a table on CM Punk

RAW: Honourable Mentions: RVD, Triple H, Randy Orton


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