14th Sep2013

‘WWE Night of Champions’ Preview

by Chris Cummings


We are a mere day away from the WWE’s annual Night of Champions event, the night on the WWE’s yearly calendar where each reigning champion goes into battle to defend his or her golden belts.

It’s a nice concept for a PPV and one I’ve liked since its inception a few years ago. In my view, every PPV should be the place where each title is defended, but alas it is not happening, so Night of Champions is excellent for a traditional wrestling fan like me. The event itself is interesting and features matches that truly seem important, which is nice for what is classed as a “B Pay-per View”.

The Matches:

NOC Pre-show – Tag Team Turmoil

So we will be getting another pre-show for Night of Champions in which most of the regular tag teams on the WWE roster will compete in a winner-stays-on style match with the remaining team being the contenders for The Shields’ WWE Tag Team Titles on the main event itself.

The Real Americans –Vs- The Uso’s –Vs- 3MB –Vs- Prime Time Players –Vs- Tons of Funk.

Sounds like it will be a quick match merely there to determine challengers to the belts.

Who will win? I predict a win for Prime Time Players.

Tag Team Championship Match

The Shield (c) –Vs- Winners of the Tag Team Turmoil

The Shield have held the titles for quite some time now, and I don’t see that changing for a while yet. With their inclusion in the big storyline with the McMahon’s, Triple H and Randy Orton, The Shield are too important to the show to lose to a mid-card team. Whoever wins the turmoil match is unlikely to win the titles on the show in my view.

Who will win? The Shield

United States Championship Match

Dean Ambrose (c) –Vs- Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has been on a losing streak as of late, with his punishment in the big Bryan/Corporation angle causing him to be beaten by The Shield and Ryback for the last few weeks. This could plausibly be his big win and proof he has lots left in the tank, but I can see Ambrose stealing a victory again here, keeping the Shield faction still holding the gold and Ziggler getting increasingly more frustrated before fighting back against the regime.

Who will win? Dean Ambrose

WWE Divas Championship Fatal Four Way Match

AJ Lee (c) –Vs- Natalya –Vs- Brie Bella –Vs- Naomi

AJ is on fire lately, keeping the Divas division interesting with her “pipe bombs” and crazy character. She is a heel but I imagine she’ll get the full babyface reaction from the fans at Night of Champions. I like Nattie and would have preferred to see a one-on-one between the two, but I imagine this will be a quick contest, again, with a champion retaining. I can’t see AJ losing when she is the most over diva in WWE today.

Who will win? AJ Lee

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) –Vs- Rob Van Dam

This is one that could go either way. Del   Rio is tired as champion and doesn’t really get a reaction, whereas Van Dam is very popular with the fans and could breathe a little life into the World Title for a few months before passing it to a younger deserving challenger like Antonio Cesaro or Ziggler. I wouldn’t bet on Van Dam winning, but as seen as the other matches seem even less likely to result in a title changing hands, I kind of think Rob will pick up the win by default.

Who will win? Rob Van Dam

Handicap Elimination Match

CM Punk –Vs- Curtis Axel (I-C Champ) & Paul Heyman

Okay, so not ALL of the titles are on the line, but at least all the champions are appearing. While on the subject, I thought a nice touch would have been to have the NXT Tag, Women’s and World Champs present in some capacity, just to help put over the development system. Anyway…Punk has to defeat Axel in order to get his hands on Heyman, which is obviously going to happen, but I predict the debut of a new “Paul Heyman Guy” to interfere and save Heyman from the beating at the hands of Punk. Who? I don’t know. Big E Langston? Corey Graves? Who knows. Still, should be interesting.

Who will win? Paul Heyman

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton (c) –Vs- Daniel Bryan

The match that started at SummerSlam after Orton and Triple H screwed Bryan out of the WWE title is finally here, and much sooner than I’d previously thought it would be. This is the one match I am most sure about in the sense that Randy Orton will win. Bryan won’t win this, as much as I’d like him to. It wouldn’t make sense to the storyline for Bryan to unseat Orton so soon. I predict a good, long match with a screwy finish, possibly involving (another) fully fledged Big Show heel turn. Bryan will then feud with Show, HHH and eventually get another shot at the title, maybe even as far on as WrestleMania XXX.

Who will win? Randy Orton


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