07th Sep2013

‘Re’ Universal IR Remote Control Review (iPhone)

by Phil Wheat

The NewKinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control is an accessory – with accompanying app – that will turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a universal remote control that works in any room of your home on a myriad of compatible devices. Much like standard universal remotes – if the Re app has the IR code, then it will control your device(s).

Set-up is simple. Plug the Re into the port bottom of your iPhone and it will automatically ask if you want to download the app. Click yes and you’ll be taken to the App Store, directly to the Re Universal Remote Control App page, and you can quickly and easily download the app (for free) to your Apple device.

Re-1 Re-2

The app and IR remote will allow you to control everything traditional universal remotes can – from TV’s to satellite boxes, DVD players to projectors, and everything in between. Best of all the Re app allows you to sort your devices into virtual rooms, which means that a simple touch of a “button” you can switch control to any room in the house – ideal if you want to control the TV in the living room and then, for example, move to the TV in the bedroom.

The NewKinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control also allows you to organize your controls, by sorting your TV channels into favourites lists for one touch selection. You can also create radio stations presets and CD play lists. The Re app also allows you to copy and paste favorites from virtual room to virtual room, so you’re never without your personalised controls.

Besides personalising your devices and favourites lists, you can also customise the appearance of the Re app by choosing different button images and create the best button layout for your use by renaming, adding, deleting and moving buttons or by assigning unique skin colors to devices and activities to easily distinguish between them. And once you’ve set up one Re, it’s easy to move data onto other Apple devices by using the the popular BUMP app to transfer all of your personalized setup from one iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to another.

Of course these types of features come at a price – and the NewKinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control is not cheap – expect to pay around £50 for one online. Thankfully the Re is easily comparable to the likes of the Logitech Harmony remote range terms of functionality and actually comes in a little cheaper than Logitech’s similarly customisable remotes.

Review unit supplied by Phones4U.


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