03rd Sep2013

Transformers 4 title revealed?

by Phil Wheat


According to the United States Patent And Trademark Office, Hasbro has applied for several trademarks in relation to the Transformers, including what could possibly be the title for Transformers 4. According to TFW2005The new trademark is categorized under Entertainment services: “Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of motion pictures, television shows and game shows”; along with the subcategory of: “Toy action figures, toy vehicles and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms”

And the title? How about Transformers: Age of Extinction… Which ties in nicely with the rumours that the Dinobots are to feature in the latest multi-million blockbuster from Michael Bay. It also turns out that MarkMonitor, one the top brand protection agencies, have also registered the domain name TransformersAgeOfExtinction.com on behalf of Paramount.

Hasbro have also trademarked THREE Transformers-related titles for a possible three new video games – including one that could be a MASSIVE spoiler for the future of the film franchise (or it could just be related to the animated series, who knows):

  • [spoiler]MEGATRON RETURNS[/spoiler]

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