07th Aug2013

Horror Channel’s Horror Bites – August Edition

by Phil Wheat

Welcome horror fans to the UK debut of the August edition of Horror Bites, the Horror Channel’s monthly guide to some of the highlights coming your way this month… Yes, you did read that right folks, our good friends at the Horror Channel have let us have the exclusive UK debut of their monthly show Horror Bites.

Hosted by Emily Booth, you’ll see Horror Bites right here, before anywhere else!

This month highlights on the Horror channel include a Lucio Fulci season featuring the horror maestro’s films Zombie Flesh Eaters, City of the Living Dead, The Beyond and House by the Cemetery. Also on the channel in August are premieres of Don’t Look Up!, Midnight Son, Savages Crossing and Squeal; plus Aftershock director Nicolas Lopez screens  Cube and Ginger Snaps as part of his Directors Night on August 29th.


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