25th Jul2013

EXCLUSIVE: Concept art from Pearry Teo’s ‘Bedlam Stories’

by Phil Wheat

Director/producer/writer Pearry Teo (who just happens to be one of my favourite directors working today) has, having recently finished production on his Dracula flick The Dark Prince, been ramping up for his next project – the much more personal fairytale horror Bedlam Stories, which has been in gestation for almost a year under the guidance of Pearry under his TeoWard Productions banner.

Inspired by the fairytales we all know but with a much darker twist, Bedlam Stories is:

“Set in the 1920s, [as] intrepid reporter Nelly Bly fakes insanity to gain admission into the infamous Bedlam Asylum. While researching her expose, Nellie meets a young patient, Dorothy, who has delusions of a fantasy land she calls “Oz.” Digging deeper into the dark history of the asylum, Nellie uncovers evidence of human experimentation on another inmate, a young girl named Alice, who’s “Wonderland” mirrored Dorothy’s imaginary world. Nellie is determined not to let Dorothy share Alice’s fate as a human guinea pig. But the horrific experiments open a portal to these other worlds. When the dark and twisted inhabitants of Oz and Wonderland clash for control, Nellie realizes that they aren’t delusions at all – they are terrifyingly real.”

Set to be a movie, a novel, and artbook, an app and even a video game (!), Bedlam Stories looks set to be a true multimedia behemoth. First up is the novel, which is set for a September 15th release in paperback – however Teo and co. have plans to create an app for mobile devices as a compendium for the novel.

Knowing what fans we are of his work, and how excited we are for Bedlam Stories, Pearry Teo was kind enough to send us an exclusive piece of concept art to share with you. Check it out below, and for more up to date information on Bedlam Stories (and to see more of the awesome concept art) check out the official Bedlam Stories Facebook page.


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  • This was a really exciting shoot. Pearry is great to work with, I am excited to move forward with the rest of the projects! Please like the Facebook page.

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