15th Jul2013

Back This! – July 2013

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to the second edition of a new monthly feature here on Nerdly – Back This! – where we take a look at some of the cool content taking the crowdfunding route on sites such as Indiegogo, Sponsume and Kickstarter. In this edition we’re taking a look at two very different films. The first is a spoof of the ever-popular zombie genre and the second is the latest documentary from Eurocrime! director Mike Malloy.

If you’d like us to consider your project to feature in a future edition of Back This!, make sure to drop us a line.


Walking With the Dead

From the same guys who brought you Supernatural Activity comes a zombie comedy that takes a poke at modern-era zombie pop culture and any and every genre convention, parodying the best and worst zombie movies and TV shows. Looking for a hefty $50,000, the Walking With the Dead kickstarter comes from Supernatural Activity actor Tim Ogletree who takes up three roles in this project – writer/producer and actor.

With a cast that includes Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby, Donny Boaz, Andrew Pozza, and Troy Ogletree, Walking With the Dead is produced by Tim Ogletree, Derek Lee Nixon and Francis Casanova. The official synopsis reads like this:

A month into the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors, including four who “for safety reasons” go by the names of their favorite cities–Green Bay, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Harlem–a Sheriff fresh off a nice, relaxing, six-week coma, his small-business-owner 10 year old son, and a voiceover-prone zombie, Romeo, who has convinced the group that he’s not dead, just a little slow, are forced from the safety of their mall-camp in hopes of finding a rumored safe-haven.

Not long after, their dreams are realized. They are welcomed to Safe Haven Ranch by the elderly owners, Abraham and Sarah, a couple who seem too nice to NOT be crazy cult killers. The survivors tread lightly, wary of their “good intentions” and unwillingness to discuss their daughter Isaac’s looming absence…are they hiding a zombie child, unwilling to face reality? Wanting their uninvited guests to be her next meal? Now occupying the front yard of possible crazies, with a town full of undead threatening to breach the farm at any second, this eclectic group must band together like never before if they plan on even glimpsing the end of the end of the world!

Pledges start at $10 and include the usual perks: thank you’s on social media, DVDs, posters, credits etc. Best of all you can get a part in the film (as a zombie) for as little as $250! With only 12 days to go (as of posting this) find out more at Walking With the Dead‘s Kickstarter page.


Plastic Movies Rewound

Mike Malloy, creator of the excellent documentary on Italian crime flick, Eurocrime!, is back behind the camera for another documentary: Plastic Movies Rewound: The Story of the 80s Home Video Boom, a six part “series” that documents what was, at the time, a new frontier of the entertainment biz… video. Here’s the official breakdown:

Malloy has been researching his next doc project, PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND: THE STORY OF THE ’80s HOME VIDEO BOOM, since 2003. And when the project’s sizzle reel debuted a couple months ago, the advanced buzz and reviews seemed to understand that while other, similar projects may use the word “definitive,” this one means it.

Serialized across six half-hour episodes, PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND will cover (1) Cultural Shake-Up, (2)  Industry Shake-Up, (3) Golden Age of Mom-and-Pop Video Stores, (4) Alternative Formats and Delivery Methods, (5) Filmmakers Versus Distributors and (6) the Future of Physical Media.

The project has about 20 interviews in the can already, from important industry players like the founder of Netflix and the former VP of RCA (that was involved with the company’s failed CED format) to colorful low-budget and shot-on-video genre directors.

There’s just 12 days to go on this project and pledges start at a meagre $1. Perks feature the usual, including: thank you’s on social media, DVDs, posters, credits etc. Plus there’s the chance of grabbing some signed VHS from the very people that are interviewed in the doc! Find out more about Plastic Movies Rewound: The Story of the 80s Home Video Boom at the official Kickstarter page.


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