20th Apr2013

‘For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley’ Blu-ray Review

by Phil Wheat


Mick Foley broke into sports-entertainment in 1983 shortly after a fateful trip to see his idol Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka inspired him to pursue his dream. Now, 30 years, 3 personas, 3 WWE Championships, multiple New York Times best sellers and countless bumps and cheap pops later, the WWE brings Mick Foley’s story to DVD and Blu-ray with For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley.

Let’s get this out of the way first. I don’t think there’s a single wrestling fan out there who doesn’t love Mick Foley. The man has worked his mind and his body hard to give wrestling fans across the globe what they want – damn good, often one-of-a-kind, matches may with the extra special WTF factor. Foley’s story has been told many times before, from the promos he cut as Mankind in the WWE to his autobiographies. But now friends, family, peers and the Hardcore Legend himself detail his story from being Mrs. Foley’s baby boy in Long Island, New York to becoming an international superstar, philanthropist and author.

Of course let’s not forget that For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley is a WWE production, so there are a few gaps in Foley’s life story. However this new documentary was apparently overseen by Foley himself so we do get some of Foley’s fantastic early work included in both the documentary and the matches in this 2-disc Blu-ray set (the DVD runs across 3 discs). If you’ve ever watched WWE you’ll know that Foley can tell great stories in the ring but he’s also a great storyteller in real life – as this Blu-ray will attest. And it’s not just Foley who can tell a great story… His friends, in particular Vader, The Rock and Triple H, tell a great tale too. It’s these men, talking about someone who they have not only had great matches with, but also admire in and out of the ring, that brings a real emotional core to the documentary. What is also surprising is Foley’s love for Vince McMahon and he reveals that despite his hard-faced public persona, McMahon is actually a man who cares for his employees (although some will say that, being a WWE production, there couldn’t be a hard word said against the “boss”.

Besides the fascinating documentary, this release is packed with over 15 matches spanning his career, some having an alternate commentary option featuring Mick Foley himself and former ECW announcer Joey Styles. Including Foley’s brutal matches in ECW and Japan, his feuds with Vader and Sting in WCW, his notorious Hell in a Cell matches, his retirement match against Triple H and Mick Foley’s evolution from Jack Foley to Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love, and back again.

One of the best Blu-ray releases that the WWE have ever produced, For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley is both a look at a man revered by fans and his peers and at the evolution of wrestling itself. If you consider yourself a wrestling fan then this is an essential purchase.

For All Mankind: The Life & Career Of Mick Foley is released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 22nd, courtesy of FremantleMedia.


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