01st Mar2013

‘Beezlebabe #1’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Gentlemen Comics is a new publishing company exclusively showcasing and selling adult-themed graphic novels and at the tail-end of last year they officially launched the company’s website, releasing thirteen original titles available for online purchase: Maya, Scarlet Lady, Krystopia, Beezlebabe, F.E.R.A.L., Conquest of Semal, Sexual Tension, The Trap, Revenge of the Ravaged, Winter in India, Miss Rita, Kama & Sutra and Rooftops. And they sent us some for review!

Beezlebabe: Issue #1

Beezlebabe is the story of a perpetually horny college student who also happens to be a demon – however she only turns into a demon on orgasm, which leads to numerous panels of a masturbating college student getting literally red-faced (and moist) with anticipation…

With a story  by TJ Hunter and art by Nestor, you only have to reach the second page before you realise this tale of demons living among us isn’t like any other genre comic that has come before it, as out heroine Brooke Tynes rises from her slumber and straight away sticks her dildo (nicknamed Gentle Ben) into her vagina and rolls around in various fanny-flashing positions! Brooke’s private playtime continues for another page before she is rudely interrupted by her roommate.

And so it goes on, as Brooke finds herself masturbating in the shower with the shower head and her sticky fingers but gets interrupted before climax, Brooke masturbates in the back of her college lecture and gets interrupted, Brooke masturbates in an empty lecturer’s office and is interrupted before climaxing… And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

You can probably tell, there’s not much plot to the first issue of Beezlebabe, however there is some demon action come the final few pages as Brooke’s interrupted office playtime turns into her witnessing sex between two fellow college students that turns into a graphic rape. A rape that is (thankfully) interrupted as, having finally fingered herself to orgasm, Brooke transforms into the titular Beezlebabe.

If you’re looking super-graphic, animated porn then you can’t go wrong with Beezlebabe, which is graphically drawn from the get go – vaginas drawn with almost anatomical accuracy, slobbering mouths deep-throated over engorged members, and a final cum-squirting orgasm from Brooke as she morphs into Beezlebabe. It may be drawn “well” for this type of graphic adult tale, but it reads like a 12-year-old’s wet dream… But then aren’t all scripted porn movies like that too?

You can buy and downloaded Beelzebabe #1 (along with issues #2-4) from GentlemenComics.com


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