04th Feb2020

How to win at Mobile Blackjack?

by James Smith


Playing blackjack requires someone to have the best advice if they want to make good winnings. Every mobile blackjack player needs to prepare well and get to the casino with the tricks in their fingertips. In this article, we focus on how you can win at Mobile Blackjack with W88. These tips are also crucial for any player that wants to improve their winnings. Read on to get the best tips to grow your money.

Play games only with liberal rules

Before you play blackjack, it is essential to do a background check on different games. You should ensure you find those that have liberal playing rules. Also, choose to play on tables that pay 3-2 rather than those paying 6-5. Besides, there are other rules that you may look out for. For example, some games have a dealer standing on soft 17. Players can choose to double on any cards. Alternatively, they can double even after a pair splits.

Understand the basics of the game

In blackjack, guesswork may not reward. Therefore, you need to understand the gaming strategy well. Experts have learnt the tricks for an extended period. They report that there is a way to play this game to make winnings. To play safe, never start playing blackjack without understanding the fundamental rules of the game. Ensure, you learn the format of the game and the best tricks.

Do not fall for an insurance wager

Whichever amount you wager in your hand, avoid making an insurance wager. Insurance is meant to milk your cash. Besides, it pays 2-1, which is a minimum payout. Also, remember the probability of winning even on the 2-1 payout is minimal. Therefore, even when the dealer offers you some cash, you need to decline it.

Ignore other players

What other players think or talk about cannot affect your winning odds. Therefore, you should focus on your game. It should never be teamwork. Whether you win or lose, always stick to the basic strategy. Never focus on what other players are doing or saying. Make sure you focus and stick to your plan.

Avoid progressive betting

When you size your bet according to whether you won or lost in your last bet, you increase your chances of losing. What should guide you on whether to bet more or less is the number of high or low valued cards in the pack containing unplayed ones. Therefore, to increase your winnings, never focus on how you performed in your last trial.

Avoid playing where you have to use a continuous shuffler

Some machines shuffle cards after every round of play. They favour the casino because they increase the hands dealt in every hour. However, they are unfavourable for the player because they expose their bankroll. The best thing to do is to play where they use a traditional shuffler rather than the modern continuous shuffler.

Get rated and avoid too much alcohol

When playing, always ensure the blackjack dealer rates you. It helps to reduce the amount you’ll spend to play in future. Also, you need to go easy on the alcoholic drinks in the casino. Mostly, alcoholic beverages are free in casinos. If you take too much, you may lose your vision or even make wrong judgments.


To win in a blackjack game, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned above. As a player, making maximum winnings is your objective. With the expert tips shared here, you will find it easy to make profits from where you previously made losses. Always stay focused and avoid the don’ts mentioned earlier. With that, you will gain more expertise and become a world-class player.

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