05th May2013

‘Worms: The Revolution Collection’ Review (Xbox 360)

by Phil Wheat

Worms: Revolution, the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series, is fully loaded with exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics but still retains the classic 2D gameplay that fans love. Introducing dynamic water effects, exploding physics objects and four different class acts to choose from and customise your game! Worms Revolution brings a whole host of anarchic additions – more single player missions, more puzzles, more customisation and… more worms!

Worms: The Revolution Collection contains this latest game (previously available as a downloadble title) in the best-selling turn-based series, plus all three DLC packs – Mars, Funfair and Medieval Tales – and as an added bonus Worms 2: Armageddon and all five of its DLC packs – including the previously sold separately Battle, Puzzle,Forts, Time Attack and Retro.

Who would have thought that worms were psychopathic little killers who love to go to war? If you don’t know by now they have quite a history of blowing each other up, in a game of course, you won’t be going out into the garden at night to see World War Worms taking place. Worms: The Revolution Collection brings back the underground soldiers to the Xbox 360 in all their explosive glory.

The first thing noticeable about Worms: Revolution is that the graphics have had an overhaul; the worms themselves have more detail to them, more animation in the way they die and have more personality. They also have more weapons with which to kill each other, ranging from the more ordinary missile launchers, shotguns, air strikes and proximity mines to such moves as the Shoryuken from Street Fighter II there are plenty of ways to kill off your opponents. The game features plenty of little homages to other games and movies if you take the time to look for them; which is of course part of the fun. Also worthy of note is the added life in the background of the levels, for example in the training missions the giant rat in the background who goes on living his life while your little worms find the best way to blow each other up.

Worms: The Revolution Collection is split into single player player missions (32 levels) and a further 20 puzzle missions to keep the more lonely player entertained. For those worm enthusiasts who want to play with friends there can be up to four players in Deathmatch, Forts and Classic mode. There are also four different variety of worm (Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy) all with their own customisable clothing and additional objects.

Worms: The Revolution Collection is out now for the Xbox 360 from Mastertronic.


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