17th Feb2023

How to Use an Astropay Card in 2023? Explanation for Beginners

by James Smith

How was your betting journey so far, or are you a beginner in this industry? Well, you should give this article a read because this will come to your help in the long run. Online payment services are why more punters enter the sports betting industry today. The process might be easy and convenient for the user, but it also has drawbacks. Furthermore, when you can quickly deposit or withdraw money via your card or E-wallets without traveling long to your bank booths, then why not? However, not all e-wallets are trustworthy. But, unnecessary scams can be avoided while using the mobile version of online payment applications. Therefore, keep reading to know more about the Astropay accepted sites in sports betting.

Astropay Betting. What Is It in General?

Astropay came into existence with a tremendous promise, which took it to a new height. The brand was introduced to the marketplace in the year 2009. It came with an Astropay card that can be used anywhere for betting transactions. Moreover, history says the company initially worked following European policy, but then the reign extended to Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Astropay has a greater demand among popular betting bookies in the modern era. In addition, you will come across the best Astropay-accepted sites mentioned in the article to save you some time. The only reason why Astropay is at the top now is that it is designed for the user’s profit. Well, the faster you are done with your deposits, the greater your chances of winning the limited offers and promotions.

Now comes the topic of what Astropay is used for. So, many bettors do not have any bank account or online mode to initiate online money transactions. Therefore, Astropay is a significant help to them. If you do not have a debit or credit card, you can have an Astropay card. Moreover, it is easier for you to use. Whenever you pay at the bookmarker, just input the 16-digit code of your card and complete the process. And the company’s popularity is gradually increasing because a considerable part of the population is unbanked consumers.

How to Use an Astropay Card?

As mentioned in the above section of the article, you do not need a bank account to deal with your account at Astropay. Therefore, sports betting becomes more lively and exciting when you get instant responses from Astropay during the deposits and withdrawals. Before we jump into how to use the Astropay card, we must know how to get the Astropay card first.

  1. First, open http://www.astropay.com on your mobile or browser.
  2. Then click on the ‘Start’ option.
  3. Now, you must follow the instructions and fill up accordingly.
  4. Input your username along with the password, your phone number with the email id, and likewise.
  5. Click on the ‘Confirm’ option, and then you are ready.

Once you have created an account at Astropay, it is time to use the card. So, you must start researching which reputable betting website or application gives access to the Astropay Card. You do not have to dig deep because the best websites are mentioned in the latter part. All you need to do is choose one or more bookies among them per your priorities. Then complete the registration process at the betting platform. After you are done with creating an amount, you can open the Cashier or payments page. Click on Astropay as your default payment mode and then enter the amount you plan to deposit. Congratulations! It is all that you need to know.

Astropay Accepted Sites List

Finally, jumping into the part where your main interest is at. Do you know that earning royalty rewards has become easier only if you are ready to give in? And Betzillion betting bookies are going to give you the perfect motivation with frequent bonuses and promotions so that you start loving sports betting even more. Before choosing a betting platform for your practice, ensure you are above 18 and legally betting. So here are the best Astropay betting sites which allow the use of an Astropay card during the payment process:

  • PureWin – An Indian company develops this betting bookie, which now runs under globally-focused strategies and betting odds. Moreover, the sportsbook is legal in many countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, and many more. When discussing special offers, PureWin allows you to win a free bet of 100% up to the amount of ₨2500. Another unique feature of this bookie is that you will get an opportunity to take a self-assessment test to determine whether your betting habits are healthy.
  • Wazamba – Are you in search of excellent odds? Then you can find it here. Wazamba provides you with a special bonus every time you make a score. So, are you down for the challenge? Here, you will get 24/7 customer service to help anytime and anywhere. The welcome bonus offered here is a 100% free bet on the first attempt.
  • MEGAPARI – This betting bookie offers you a free bet at your first deposit. Moreover, the welcome bonus provided here is 100% up to the deposit amount of €100. Once you become a punter here, you will get proper guidance on managing your account balance. The experts at the MEGAPARI will also provide you with winning markets and the exact odds you need for your win. Were you in search of a modern bookie? Well, you have found one already!
  • Fanbet – Withdrawal of real cash every time you win impresses the bettors more. Fansbet provides exclusive offers throughout your sports betting journey. Also, you will find a permanent option for live betting and live streaming on this platform, and when asked about the promotions, they are occasional but frequent.

Is It Safe to Use Astropay for Betting Online?

Is Astropay safe? If you have the same question that is bothering you, then it’s time you become stress-free about it. Whenever you are interested in a betting bookie, the first thing that should matter to you is the payment method. Moreover, how can you initiate the next step if the deposit and withdrawal don’t go in your favor? So, this matters the most when you are choosing a sports bookmarker. Well, Astropay is the ideal option for you. You will have a prepaid card in Astropay, which can quickly deposit and withdraw money in the bookmarker. This payment brand is very flexible with its promises and services.

Well, instant money transfers and the proper security are perfect for your use. Furthermore, it allows transactions in various countries, almost everywhere on earth. Once you link your money with the Astropay card, they take complete responsibility for the specified amount.

Final Words

We understand from the content that AstroPay is very reliable for unbanked punters. And if you are one of them, you should also feel relieved because you know about every critical strategy and betting site, after which you do not have to invest extra time to find. So, take your time and then decide how you want to design the start of your betting journey.


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