21st Jul2021

The Best Japanese Comics About Casinos

by James Smith

Japanese manga is a very big deal. It has been around for a very, very long time and acted as the main source of inspiration for compelling stories before anime got its global appeal. Since it has been around for so long, manga has been created on a variety of subjects. It’s no surprise then that there is such a thing as Japanese gambling manga.

Gambling has really gotten a lot of traction in the past few years as something people can do on the internet. With the rise in web-based casinos, this pastime has become more accessible for those who like to gamble. And thanks to the no deposit bonus casino (入金不要ボーナス カジノ), it is also profitable, because many casinos that can be found through the review offer their customers a no deposit bonus so that they can start playing more easily. So, it makes sense that you would also want to check a list of the best gambling manga out there if you’re a fan of this storytelling style before actually diving into one.

Let’s take a look at 7 of the top Japanese comic books that revolve around gambling.


First published in 2014, this Japan manga is still going on. It is illustrated by Tooru Naomura and written by Homura Kawamoto. Its name translates to ‘compulsive gambler’ which describes what the story is about. It focuses on Ryouta Suzui who is not good at gambling but has to take part in it to bring honor to his family. He goes to the Hyakkaou Private Academy where children are taught the art of deception and have to come up with tricks to defeat other students in gambling matches.

A transfer student Yumeko Jabami arrives at the school and quickly starts defeating the most elite gamblers at the school. Suzui starts liking Jabami and tries to help her stay away from the dystopian system of the institution but finds out that Jabami is a compulsive gambler. This manga is a perfect blend of thrilling action and a complex storyline that is sure to engage all kinds of audiences.


Akagi is among the most famous Manga comics. It is illustrated and written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. It follows the life of Shigeru Akagi, a young boy who goes around defeating yakuza members in mahjong. He doesn’t know the rules of this Japanese gambling game but rather plays it thanks to his own intuition. He soon vanishes from the game and becomes somewhat of a legend. After six years, he returns and faces off against his biggest rival who is an influential person in the underworld of the country.

This story makes for one of the most exciting manga involving gambling and is a must-read even if you’re not a gambler yourself.

Gin to Kin

Another offering by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Gin to Kin was published between 1992 and 1996. It was so famous that it got adapted into a TV drama in 2017. Its English translation is Silver to Gold which is what the plot revolves around.

The story follows Morita Tetsuo who goes after gambling as a way to make money and find success. He meets Hirai Gingi who acts as a fixer. Tetsuo becomes involved in the underworld that is controlled by those who are corrupted and greedy. Tetsuo’s mission throughout this experience is to surpass ‘Gin’ in order to become ‘Kin’.

Alice in Borderlands

Created by Haro Aso, this is a great tale of three friends who are magically transported to a dystopian world after wishing to live in ‘interesting times’. In this new world, the friends have to beat the game in order to survive. While this is not your typical gambling tale that talks about the evolution of online casino gaming, the lead characters do have to wager their lives at every turn. If you’re into adventurous and thrilling storylines, this title is definitely worth reading.

81 Driver

This one is for the fans of quirky storylines. Created by Yokusaru Shibata, this manga is about the life of Kentaro. Kentaro likes to play shogi and starts doing so in order to earn some money. He is no legendary gambler by any means but he gets by. That is until he comes across Ukeshi who easily beats him and Kentaro finds himself under some deep financial burdens. This is what pushes him even harder to be better and we find our main character fight hard and also get fascinated by Ukeshi during the process.


Kaiji comes from the brilliant mind of Nobuyuki Fukumoto and is a manga series that got very famous. It was adapted into more than one TV series and has made waves around the globe. This manga gambling tale revolves around Kaiji who doesn’t have a job and spends his days playing pranks, drinking, and gambling. He meets a loan shark by the name of Endo who tricks him into a huge debt that Kaiji has to pay by working at an underground labor camp for 15 years. However, the young man soon realizes that he has some strong gambling talents and uses them to get himself out of many situations.

Gamble Fish

Written by Aoyama Hiromi with Yamane Kazutoshi as the illustrator, this is another one of those Japanese comics that are based in an academy for the elite. A new transfer student named Tom Shirasagi comes to the Shishidou Academy and finds himself being snubbed by others. However, he soon shows himself to be a great gambler and challenges the whole school to a series of matches. Things slowly start revealing themselves about the place’s dark side and about Tom’s own history, creating a popular drama set in a high school-like setting.


As you can see, gambling at the casino is not the only way to experience this pastime. There have been so many original mangas created on the subject that you can always come across new and exciting stories about the game. Whether you like tales of deception and debts or want to see your favorite character win against a liar, you should really start going through some of the titles in this list and get exposed to this bright and colorful side of entertainment.

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