14th Jul2021

The best movies on the subject of casinos from Netflix

by James Smith

The excitement that casinos bring can appeal to anyone, even those who have never dreamed of the lights of Las Vegas. No wonder Hollywood has repeatedly chosen the casino as the setting for a number of movies. Beautiful women, bright neon lights, sophisticated games paired with excitement make the perfect atmosphere for the best casino movies.

There are a lot of film classics in the history of cinema that have important scenes that take place in casinos. The best gambling films really deserve the title of classics because they satisfy the tastes of diverse viewers due to their uncertain and exciting actions. But what about newer movies? We bring you a list of the best gambling movies that you can watch with a basic Netflix subscription.


After losing all his savings one night by playing against the infamous Teddy KGB, Mike McDermott, a law student who acquired knowledge and skills poker from an early age, decides to give up the game and dedicate himself to schooling and work.

Eight months later, his best friend, Lester Murphy, aka Worm, is released from prison with accumulated debts and greengrocers blowing around his neck. Portrayed by Matt Damon, Mike agrees to get back into the game to help him get cash, not even knowing whether the acceptance is a consequence of wanting to do a good deed or to start playing again. The stake was ten thousand dollars per hand. The stake was ten thousand dollars per hand, but if you want to feel like a movie hero, but not spend so much money, you can check reviews of sites accepting a $2 deposit casino Canada players can always register and start wagering.

In the foreground is poker game as a source of pleasure, earnings, and means to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment of desires. The casino movie is quite convincing when it comes to showing emotions and interpersonal relationships. Director perfectly portrays the feeling of playing, personality, thinking, emotions, and even the smell of smoke and mist that abounds in the playroom.

Rounders can also be seen as an instant guide for a good casino enthusiast. If you are interested but the terms pot, check, blinds, and all-in are unknown to you, and you want to learn what they mean while watching a great movie with equally great actors, this is a perfect choice.

Casino Royale

Secret Agent “007” are three magical numbers that are a symbol of unforgettable action, fast and luxurious cars, and beautiful women. The series is based on Ian Fleming novels and one of the best gambling movies was filmed according to the first when James Bond had just received 00 status and a license to kill.

The movie follows James Bond’s earlier career engaged in a mission to bring down Le Chiffre portrayed by famous Mads Mikkelsen. The terrorists’ banker is the main villain, and our secret agent has to step on his toes to destroy the entire network. To make this happen, Daniel Craig’s Bond must win against Le Chiffre in a Las Vegas Casino poker match.

At first, Bond doesn’t like the idea because the stake is delivered to him by Vesper Lynd, the representative of the Ministry of Finance (Eva Green), who is also supposed to look after the government’s funds. Still, after surviving several deadly attempts, Bond and Vesper not only develop an attraction but also are put in even greater danger that will change their lives for good.

The Gambler

This is a remake of a crime drama from 1974, where the main role was played by James Caan. William Monahan made an effort to adapt the play to the present by sticking to the original screenwriting concept set by James Toback.

Jim Bennett is a university professor of literature and has his other, dark side. He is a passionate punter, ready to borrow a large sum of cash from local gangsters in order to try his luck, and here luck is slowly but surely leaving him. When it comes to that matter, the best slot machines with the finest odds will never leave you behind.

He ruthlessly wastes other people’s resources without a shred of remorse and thus consciously puts himself in an unenviable position. He looks for the last chance and manages to find it with the dangerous green man Frank. In cold blood, he gets involved in a match putting his own life at stake.


The film is told by the main actor, a gambling addict unsuccessful writer, who is employed as a croupier, and differs significantly from other good gambling movies on this topic that focus on the actor. The British film perfectly depicts the dark side of life, as well as the subculture. It is especially significant that the nonsense of gambling addiction is shown again and again when everything is intended to attract you to the casino and lose that role, and only numbers, balls and cards, and stakes remain.

The film begins with a very impressive sentence that the main character utters narratively, like an inner voice in a noir manner, a voice that runs through the entire film: “Either you are the one who deals the cards or you are the one to whom the cards are already dealt.” On the other hand, in a safe online casino, there is no such risk of being crossed over like in this top movie.

Clive Owen has always thought that it is better to be on the side that reminds a little of God, where he deals cards and plays roulette. Although he himself doesn’t know that maybe he is just one card in some other system.

Runner Runner (2013)

Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake joined forces in the epic crime film directed by Brad Furman. The story goes around a talented student, Richie Furst, who earns his tuition by playing online poker. But on one occasion, he was deceived, and he lost all his money.

Ritchie decides to investigate who is behind that site to somehow get his money back and confronts the owner of that site, the corrupt punter Ivan Block (played by Ben Affleck).

Block admits to the fraud and decides to pay him compensation, but at the same time suggests that he join his “company” and earn a much larger sum. Ritchie agrees, but soon the FBI intervenes in the whole story, and things go wrong.


There is no doubt that movies are one of the most widespread methods of entertainment today, so here are some movies that gambling fans must watch. The essence of most modern films is conflict, whether internal or external. There should always be some clear goal to which the protagonist must aspire. That’s why gambling and anything related to that topic can be an interesting basis for action or some other type of movie. If the matter is captivating for gamblers and punters around the world, Netflix also offers an entire series of gambling films talking about Danny Ocean and his gang. You will enjoy each heist conducted by George Clooney and Brad Pitt followed by the one made by Julia Roberts. This is one of the best movies made on this subject with a huge box office success and a film to watch over and over again.

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