07th Dec2020

‘NWA: Shockwave – Episode One’ Review

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this debut review of the National Wrestling Alliance’s newest weekly show, NWA: Shockwave. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a different kind of review to get to here on Nerdly. Rather than just speak for the matches, why not let them speak for themselves? Below are the three matches that made up this debut:

  • Eli Drake def. Jordan Cruz
  • Kamile def. Heath Monroe
  • NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: Nick Aldis def. Mike Bennett

Let us have these three matches duke it out in an effort to show why they should get a great rating and why they deserve to be called, “The Match Of The Night”.

Drake/Cruz: I had Eli Drake, who is wrestling’s biggest jack-ass to not get in trouble for refusing to sell for a woman. Cruz is Latino, so I get sympathy points! Wham!

Kamile/Monroe: My match may have been short, but it was no token affair either. Both competitors gave their all in an effort that was smart and solid, with plenty of room for improvement on future encounters. I feel that my match showed the potential of a great pairing for the future.

Aldis/Bennett: Well, I was the main event on several levels, with both of my competitors being major names, great physiques and incredible charisma; all while being packaged with the biggest prize in the NWA and the original and most important championship in professional wrestling’s long history, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. I am the obvious choice for match of the night and head and shoulders above my fellow peers in this regard.

K/M: Don’t be so quick to assume that placement and presentation are enough to equal automatic acclaim. Your match was the most important by way of that World Title, but did you have the heart necessary to be remembered beyond that?

D/C: Shut up both of you! I’m the best! K/M has a fat ass and A/B sucked d— to get the main event! I’m the best! Suck it!

K/M: Excuse m…

A/B: It was a hand-job, not a…

D/C: See?! It’s a conspiracy! I’m the best! Eli…and the other guy…what’s his name…were exciting and kept the ADHD kids glued to the lap-top between spank sessions! I’m the best!

K/M: That’s your defense of your match? You don’t even know the name of Jordan Cruz.

D/C: Who?

K/M: He was in your match! How do you not know who he is?

D/C: Suck it! That’s why!

A/B: I didn’t sleep my way to the top! I’m the main event! World Title…British guy…Maria’s gimp…main event!

D/C: I had the best looking, the best talking, the best selling guy in wrestling today and that’s if I lie! My match will be remembered because I paid a reporter to sneak my match into The Village Voice’s sex classifieds!

K/M: You had a good match! It wasn’t the best match on the card, but it was good. Why does that mean our matches were terrible?

A/B: I didn’t let Billy Corgan rail me up the ass to get the main event! I am the main event! My match had the most time and the most at stake.

K/M: I understand that. No one is saying that your match wasn’t the most important, but it also isn’t necessarily the best just because it went on last.

Nathan: Alright. I’ve heard enough. Based on your testimony, I’ve decided the scores for the matches:

  • Drake/Cruz – 2.8 out of 5
  • Kamile/Monroe – 2.4 out of 5
  • Aldis/Bennett – 3.8 out of 5

Now, for my best match of the night:

  • Match Of The Night – Aldis/Bennett

Final Verdict: 3.4/5

A solid hour of action that ended with the right match. Thank you all for reading and we’ll be back next week.


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