08th Apr2019

‘The Mummy Reborn’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Becca Hirani, Tara MacGowran, Rita Siddiqui, Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Georgia Wood, Jitendra Rai, Charlene Durrant, Chris Kaye, Heronimo Sehmi, Claudine-Helene Aumord, Victor Toth, Mika Hockman | Written by Dan Allen, Scott Jeffrey | Directed by Dan Allen


Written by Dan Allen and Scott Jeffrey, The Mummy Reborn tells the story of Tina (Tiffany-Ellen Robinson), a young woman left to care for her mentally challenged brother Max (Victor Toth) and pay the mortgage on the house her deceased mother left her. Finding out the antique store she works at is closing, leaving her jobless, Tina’s boyfriend Luke (Chris Kaye) convinces her that they should rob the antique store of an ancient amulet. But what they don’t realise is that this tomb is cursed, and when the amulet is separated from it’s master he will do anything to get it back. Leaving Tina and Luke to try and save the day, returning the Mummy to it’s tomb before it is too late to save the world…

Did anyone here see the Tom Cruise-starring Dark Universe-starting film The Mummy? Remember how that film was all over the place tonally, jumping from action to horror, to Indiana Jones-like adventure? Well The Mummy Reborn is EXACTLY the same! Only Dan Allen’s film switches from horror to camp comedy and back at a whim and as such it’s a hell of a lot of [stupid] fun.

And when I say fun, my god is this film a LOT of fun! Some might say low-budget ridiculousness but I say over-the-top, pop culture referencing madness. in the best way possible. Hell, what’s not to love about a film that references Mortal Kombat in its fight scenes, has heroes that suddenly gain super-powers and has a mentally challenged character that can LITERALLY READ THE SUBTITLES ON THE SCREEN! On paper it sounds daft but in reality it makes for great viewing. I don’t think I’ve had quite so much gloriously irreverent fun with a horror film since the days of Peter Jackson’s triumvirate of Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles and Brain Dead.

Much like the marketing for Pet Graveyard, the artwork for The Mummy Reborn – yet another Proportion Productions film, folks! (what’s that, 3 films in as many weeks?) – is a little deceiving. For all intents and purposes the artwork produced and ultimately used by distributors High Octane makes this look like a big-budget, set in Egypt amongst the pyramids, action-horror hybrid. When in fact it’s set on a farm. In England. Pretty much like every Proportion Productions film seems to be… Yet whilst the film may be played for laughs, its not without some decent gore effects and a titular character that looks superb – honestly, this mummy wouldn’t look out of place in a “traditional” fear flick in the slightest.

The kind of movie that’s just made for beer-fuelled watch parties, The Mummy Reborn is available on VOD and DVD – in the US – now from High Octane Pictures.


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