29th Nov2016

A VR FPS? That’ll be ‘Bullet Sorrow’ – now on Steam!

by Phil Wheat

Viking VR have announced today that Bullet Sorrow VR, their action-filled virtual reality first-person shooter, is available now on Steam Early Access.

Featuring fast-paced combat, deadly AI, a variety of weapon options and massive freedom of movement within an immersive VR world, the game is set in the near-future and sees the player taking on a sinister arms corporation and uncovering its dark secrets. Players must duck, dodge, blink around the map to out-flank enemies and blast their way to freedom through a variety of enhanced enemies.

If that doesn’t feel enough like you’re living your favourite action movie, activate bullet time to dodge bullets in slow-mo! For a glimpse of the action, check out the launch trailer below:

Said Zhou Jinyu, founder and CEO at Viking VR:

We had amazing feedback from the Steam community from our free demo and are thrilled to bring them a near-complete version of the game in early access. It’s great to be able to give players the kind of experience I’ve wanted to create ever since I played Time Crisis in an arcade and wondered how to make something that much fun, but even more immersive.

With the single player element of the game essentially complete, the Viking VR team will be focussing on the PVP mode as well as making any necessary tweaks based on player feedback, with the final product slated for full release in February.

For more on Bullet Sorrow visit http://store.steampowered.com/app/521950/ and check out the screenshots below…






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