11th Jun2015

‘The Cobblestone Corridor’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Erik Bloomquist, Madeleine Dauer, Nicholas Tucci, Adam Weppler, Alec Richards, Alex Sarrigeorgiou, Graham King, Ben Santiago | Written and Directed by Erik Bloomquist


Allan Archer, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper club at Alfred Pierce Preparatory School, has taken on the biggest case of his academic career: investigating the suspicious termination of English department chairman, Dr. Peter Carroll.

The Cobblestone Corridor is a short film which follows a school newspaper editor as he tries to solve the mystery of a teacher suspiciously terminated. For those of you who like a good hardboiled detective story, this is definitely one for you. Archer stalks around the school corridors with a grim face and a determination to find the truth. It’s a well written piece packed full of every detective cliché you can think of. You’ve got ‘the rat’ who hides in the toilets and sells the answers to tests, you’ve got the dame who pleads Archer to look deeper into the case and you’ve an overall sense of mystery and excitement which makes this twenty five minute film seem far too short but still satisfying.

What makes it even better is the fact that The Cobblestone Corridor always has its tongue in its cheek. It knows that it is playing off clichés and genre stereotypes and does so confidently and without pause. At the same time using a school as a location works both alongside the drama, allowing those characters we are all familiar with to be slipped in and also provides a refreshing and new playground (pun extremely intended) for the film to explore and use to its advantage.

Overall, this is a very strong short film which I enjoyed immensely. This genre, with all its fun, gritty crime solving has always been a favourite of mine and The Cobblestone Corridor lived up to my expectations very well. If you’re looking for something short, sweet and intriguing, this is the short film you are going to want to check out.

The Cobblestone Corridor is available to watch on Vimeo and IndieFlix.


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