12th Apr2015

‘Odoyo Aircoat’ iPad Air Case Review

by Phil Wheat


Odoyo are no stranger to the case market, after all they have been making cases – in particular their Aircoat line – for iPads since the debut of the iPad 3 in 2012. With each generation Odoyo have refined the design and function of the Aircoat case to what we have today, the Aircoat for iPad Air.

Speaking of design, the build of the Odoyo Aircoat is very familiar. The back of the case is a hard plastic shell which runs edge to edge around the iPad, merely leaving areas exposed for the speakers, lightning port and headphone jack. The interior of the case is soft-touch microsuede which give the case a luxury feel AND keeps the display clean. The folding front lid, with it’s automatic wake-up/sleep function, and the reverse of the hard plastic shell are covered in faux-leather (embossed with the Odoyo logo), available in multiple colourways.


Aircoat for iPad Air, much like its predecessors (and a myriad of other folio cases on the market, features a convenient automatic wake-up/sleep function to case ensure there is no battery wastage, and folds horizontally or vertically, allowing you to postion your iPad comfortably to type or, as I do, easily watch videos in bed… As someone who used to just prop his iPad up against the headboard, it’s surprising just how useful a folio case with folding cover actually is – in my case I never need worry my iPad Air will slip down in between the headboard and mattress ever again; and believe me, when you fall asleep watching YouTube videos as often as I do, that is actually a small miracle!

To hold the front flap in place when folded there’s a small flap (made from the same faux-leather material as the rest of the case) on the back of the case which – and this is the Aircoat’s only flaw – doesn’t hold the folded front flap as well as other folio cases I have experienced. It’s certainly a case (pun intended) of style over substance: the flap is less obtrusive when the case is closed but doesn’t function as well as other tab-like systems.


Available in three colours – pink (more red than hot pink), blue and white – the AirCoat iPad Air Folio Case offers an ultra slim and lightweight design that makes it the ideal accessory for those wanting a more luxurious protective cover for their favourite Apple tablet.

Odoyo’s Aircoat cases are available now in Tesco. The iPad air case is £30 RRP and the iPad Mini version is £25 RRP.


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