05th Dec2023

‘Bad CGI Gator’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Michael Bonini, Maddie Lane, Ben VanderMey, Rebecca Stoughton, Cooper Drippe, Sarah Buchanan | Written by Zalman Band | Directed by Danny Draven Since The Asylum doesn’t have something to release at the moment, Full Moon Pictures has graciously stepped up and given us Bad CGI Gator. With a self-referential title designed to deflect criticism […]

15th Nov2023

First look at Full Moon’s ‘Bad CGI Gator’

by Phil Wheat

Sharknado, Slither, Eight Legged Freaks, Piranha… movie history is saturated with ridiculous creature-features featuring extra-large monsters wreaking havoc, with most modern iterations plagued by bad CGI… Well now comes Bad CGI Gator from writer Zalman Band, director Danny Draven and Full Moon Features – who are taking this pop culture phenomenon and well… poking fun […]