04th Dec2017

Culture Dump #19: What stops a “So-Bad-It’s-Good” movie from being Bad?

by Simon Bland

“We made a movie about the worst movie and it might be our best movie,” Tweeted Seth Rogan earlier this week. He was referring to The Disaster Artist, a James Franco-Directed retelling of how one of the best-worst-movies ever came to be and the pair’s latest project. Franco’s film chronicles the creation of Tommy Wiseau’s […]

29th Apr2014

Ten Worst Movies Ever Made!

by Phil Wheat

With all the good press big budget films get today, We sometimes forget that out there in the cinematic shadows lay some of the worst movies ever laid to film. Today we take you on a voyage into a world of shoddy production value and atrocious acting. Welcome to the… Ten Worst (and undoubtedly Strangest) […]