20th Oct2023

Interview: Writer/director Sean Hogan on ‘To Fire You Come at Last’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks about the new folk horror film TO FIRE YOU COME AT LAST with the writer/director Sean Hogan and “3 Films That Have Impacted Everything In Your Adult Life” which includes: A WARNING TO THE CURIOUS (1972) THE EXORCISM (1972) BABY (1976) “3 Films That Have […]

29th Aug2023

Frightfest 2023: ‘To Fire You Come At Last’ Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Mark Carlisle, Richard Rowden, Harry Roebuck, James Swanton | Written and Directed by Sean Hogan Running at only 45 minutes, To Fire You Come At Last is one of the shorter features playing at this year’s Frightfest. Within that tight runtime, writer/director Sean Hogan crafts an eerie folk-horror tale that delivers an unsettling atmosphere […]