08th May2018

Wrestling meets Horror in trailer for ‘Wrestle Massacre’

by Phil Wheat

Starring Richie Acevedo, Rosanna Nelson, Rene Dupree and Juilio Fernandez – with an appearance by ECW legend The Sandman, Wrestle Massacre combines two of my great loves: wrestling and slasher movies! The film comes from writer/director Brad Twigg, whose previous films include segments in the just-released Grindsploitation Trilogy and last years Killer Campout. Randy is […]

23rd Mar2012

Book Review: Tales from Development Hell

by Paul Metcalf

As film fans we look at the finished result and it’s sad to say that often we see a mess. The big event we were looking forward to just does not meet our expectations and we blame the director or the actors because they did not do a good enough job in our eyes. We […]