01st Jul2015

‘Surface Tension #2’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written and Drawn by Jay Gunn | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp Issue 1 of this series proved to be a pleasant surprise, steering clear of many of the clichés and pitfalls similar series have suffered from. New boy Jay Gunn proved very adept at plotting, scripting and illustrating last month’s issue […]

14th Apr2015

Preview: Surface Tension #2

by Phil Wheat

June 24th sees the release of the second issue of red hot new creator-owned masterpiece Surface Tension, from writer/artist Jay Gunn. A book that Pat Mills called, “a story for our times, written and drawn with passion”! Yesterday, Megumi Suzuki and Ryan Fisher walked out of the waves – the first human beings to return […]