05th Apr2014

‘Oldboy’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Sharlto Copley, Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Imperioli, Pom Klementieff, James Ransone | Written by Mark Protosevich | Directed by Spike Lee Oldboy is a movie that has a huge question hanging over it.  It’s a shame really that the question has nothing to do with the plot, but rather the […]

14th Feb2014

An Open Letter to Spike Lee

by Guest

[Editors Note: Writer/director Pearry Teo (Necromentia, Witchville, Bedlam Stories) pens this open letter to director Spike Lee regarding his remake of Chan-Woo Park’s masterpiece, OldBoy]   Dear Spike Lee, When I was a young kid, at about 15 years old, I came across one of your masterpieces called Malcolm X. I loved that movie so […]

11th Oct2013

Poster Round-Up v2.0 – Hidden in the Woods, Vampire Academy, Oldboy & more!

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to the latest installmen of the Nerdly poster round-up, where we bring you up to speed on some of the best movie posters to have hit the interwebs in recent weeks. In this edition we a whopping NINE new posters to share for films that include the remake of Frightfest flick Hidden in the […]

13th Jul2013

Trailer Park Vol. 3 – Hide or Seek from the Hell Baby

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to the third installment of Trailer Park, our regular look at the latest trailers to hit the interwebs. This “volume” features trailers for indie horror Hide or Seek, the awesome-sounding Hell Baby, Seventh Son, Lovelace, Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, and How To Train Your Dragon 2. Hide or Seek Starring Kathryn Lyn, Cameron Bender, […]

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