06th Sep2023

Interview: Producer Neil Jones on ‘Breaking Point’ & ‘How To Date Billy Walsh’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to film producer Neil Jones about a couple of his new movies: Breaking Point & How To Date Billy Walsh and “3 Films That Have Impacted Everything In Your Adult Life” ROCKY (1976) SERPICO (1973) VANILLA SKY (2001) Breaking Point is available on Sky Cinema […]

17th Jun2015

‘Age of Kill’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Martin Kemp, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran, Tony Denham, Phil Davis, Lucy Pinder, Donna Air, April Pearson, Dani Dyer, Bruce Payne, Patrick Bergin, Nick Moran, Chris Brazier, Anouska Mond | Written by Simon Cluett | Directed by Neil Jones When it comes to low-budget British movies one of the easiest to create seems to be the […]