09th Jul2021

‘Agony’ VOD Review

by Chris Thomas

Stars: Asia Argento, Franco Nero, Jonathan Caouette, Nick Daly, Ninetto Davoli, Giulia Di Quilio, Monica Guerritore, Rade Serbedzija | Written by Michele Civetta, Joseph Schuman | Directed by Michele Civetta Sometimes I feel a little sorry for low budget horror film makers today. Dial it back 30 years, you could make an incompetent piece of […]

21st Feb2015

Review Round-Up: ‘Throwback’ & Summer of Blood’

by Phil Wheat

THROWBACK Stars: Shawn Brack, Anthony Ring, Melanie Serafin, Vernon Wells, Warren Clements, Andy Bramble | Written and Directed by Travis Bain There’s seems to be a renaissance in Ozploitation for the bigfoot movie (more commonly known as the Yowie down under), a genre which had, until very recently, died a slow an painful death, becoming […]