06th Dec2023

‘Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game’ Review

by Matthew Smail

There’s no denying the popularity of Terraforming Mars, and whilst there’s no way to prove it, I often wonder whether it might not be the most popular (and best selling) “heavy” game of all time. Few other games seem to appeal to so many people, and yet the weight and complexity of Jacob Fryxelius’ breakthrough […]

04th Apr2018

Asmodee Digital to launch ‘Terraforming Mars’ on PC & Mobile

by Phil Wheat

Asmodee Digital, have today announced they are bringing Fryxgames’ award-winning strategy board game, Terraforming Mars, to Steam (PC), Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Developed by LuckyHammers, the digital edition of Terraforming Mars will launch into Early Access in May and full launch happening later in Q2 of this year. Faithfully developed alongside the […]