14th Oct2020

Wolverine Wednesday #37

by Ian Wells

Wolverine #4 Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic | Colourist: Matthew Wilson | Letters: Cory Petit When I first read this issue I found it a pretty solid read. But when it came to doing the review and I was flipping through it, it raised a few questions and is a tad confusing. Basically […]

12th Sep2013

Awesome Hammer-style US poster for ‘Argento’s Dracula 3D’

by Phil Wheat

Check out this Hammer-esque one-sheet poster (courtesy of EW) for the US release of horror-maestro Dario Argento’s new iteration of the legendary Dracula tale, Dracula 3D (or Argento’s Dracula 3D) as it has been re-named in the States. Set for a US release on October 4th, in both cinemas and via VOD, the film is based on […]

20th May2013

First poster for Pearry Teo’s ‘The Dark Prince’

by Phil Wheat

If you’ve been a long time reader of Blogomatic3000 (now, of course Nerdly) you’ll know how huge a fan I am of director Pearry Teo. He has helmed some fantastic straight to DVD movies – some of which put big-budget cinema flicks to shame – including the awesome Necromentia, Witchville and Dead Inside (aka The […]