13th Feb2020

‘Predator: Hunters III #1’ Review (Dark Horse Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Chris Warner | Art by Brian Thies | Published by Dark Horse Comics Dark Horse Comics must thank their lucky stars every year that they managed to get their mitts on the Predator franchise many moons ago, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Going way back to 1989, Predator: Concrete Jungle […]

30th Aug2019

‘Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: Saturn Returns #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Mike Mignola, Scott Allie | Art by Christopher Mitten | Published by Dark Horse Comics I still can’t believe that Hellboy first appeared way back in 1993, a full 26 years ago. Being one of the more ahem, classic, fans I remember when the character first appeared (I still have that book by […]

05th Aug2019

‘Stranger Things: Six #3’ Review (Dark Horse)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Jody Houser | Art by Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne | Published by Dark Horse Comics It must be said that Dark Horse Comics certainly do have a nose for sniffing out top notch licences. They have pretty much relied on them down the years, putting out some exceptional Aliens, Predator, and Star Wars […]

08th Jan2018

Mantic Games to produce ‘Hellboy’ board game

by Phil Wheat

Mantic Games has entered into a licensing partnership with Dark Horse Comics to produce a new board game based on the Hellboy comic book universe. Set to make its Kickstarter debut in April 2018, the Hellboy board game will feature stunning, pre-assembled plastic miniatures that accurately capture the look and feel of Mike Mignola’s world […]

08th Jun2017

Needle in a [Comic] Haystack #3: ‘Grindhouse’

by Tara Marie

Hi! Welcome back to the Needle in a [Comic] Haystack, where I tell you all about the incredible and awesome comics you’re missing out on because there is a literal ocean of them. Today we’re going to deal with a series written by Alex De Campi, with art by a bunch of different artists, called […]

22nd Sep2016

‘World of Tanks: Roll Out #1’ Review

by Dan Clark

Written by Garth Ennis | Art by Carlos Ezquerra | Published by Dark Horse Comics There is no question that Garth Ennis knows how to write a great WWII comic. His current series Dreaming Eagles, which tells the story of African America pilots during WWII, is one of my current favorite books. So considering his […]